Mobile sales system providing invoicing, inventory control, location tracking, customer surveys, and management reporting for Sage 100. Easy to install, easy to use, highly configurable mobile ERP.

Solid Route Mobile Accounting Software for Sage 100: Mobile Inventory Control, Mobile POS, Employee Location Tracking System, and Customer Survey Software

Today’s fast-paced field-based sales operations are more reliant on mobile accounting software than ever before. Being able to stay current with inventory numbers and product location, having a reliable mobile POS, having the benefit of an easy-to-use employee location tracking system, and being able to segment customers into a database and send them the appropriate feedback forms with the use of customer survey software will enable your organization to make fewer mistakes, offer a superior customer experience, and streamline operations while saving your organization thousands of dollars. When it comes to the best company offering mobile accounting software for Sage 100, Solid Innovation® is an industry leader giving businesses spanning a wide range of industries everything they need in a mobile accounting software package that’s customized to their unique needs.

Solid Innovation Sage 100 Route Accounting

Mobile Sales System

Mobile Sales SystemMobile sales staff move through customer sites up to twice as fast because of barcode scanning, customer route sheets, accurate pricing, signature capture and professionally printed customer invoices.

Inventory Control

Inventory ControlInventory control becomes virtually automatic because of sold & return goods tracking, automatic pricing, on-hand quantities of track and supply warehouse, stock counts, stock orders.

Location Tracking

Location TrackingSales team manage­ment becomes much more accurate because of automatically tracked travel and transactions. Map-based reports are available showing where salespeople travelled, transactions created, and profits made.

Customer Surveys

Customer SurveysEasily learn what is going on at your customer sites because of Solid Survey™ with is custom questions, fill in at customer site, and printing with transactions.

Management Reporting

Management ReportingReporting gets a quantum leap in quality because of specialized trip reports with location tracking, sales analysis reports, cust­omer coverage. Accounting/ERP system reports are enhanced because of direct integration.

Easy, Easy, Easy

Easy Setup and MaintenanceDesigned for smooth operations with easy setup, easy to learn and use, comprehensive tailoring to your company's needs, seamless integration with the Sage 100 ERP system.

Pricing Plans

Select the right plan for you. Pricing is per mobile.

Standard Features Trial Offer Trial Offer
Sage 100 Integration via Solid Fusion™
- customers, products, pricing maintained in Sage 100
Customer Features
Customer Information
Add/edit customers on Mobile
Navigation to Next Stop
Call Customer
Customer Route Groups Customer Route Groups Customer Route Groups are numbers that can be assigned to customer records to group them for sales, reporting and routing purposes.
Article #282 How to Create Customer Route Groups?
Customer Special Pricing
Customer Number Barcode Scanning
Route Sheets Route Sheets Route Sheets allows route sales staff to receive summarized historical sales data to enable them to make informed sales decisions based on the customer's historical sales, returns, and on-hand quantities.
Article #322 Route Sheets with Sales History
Inventory Control
Item Barcode Scanning
Special Pricing
Item/Product Filters Item/Product Filters You can apply filter criteria to reduce the number of inventory items that are downloaded to mobile devices, either globally or on a per-mobile basis.
Article #286 How to Filter Items for Solid Sales Pro?
Return Item Tracking with Reason Code Return Item Tracking When route salespeople accept product returns, they can assign a return code to these products, and the system can make the necessary inventory adjustment based on this return code.
Article #295 Taking Product Returns with Return Code
Return Warehouses by Item Category Return Warehouses by Category The Multiple Return Warehouse feature allows you to define specific return warehouses by item category/product line/department..
Article #329 Multiple Return Warehouses
Multi-Warehouse Inventory Control Multi-Warehouse Inventory Control Multi-location Inventory Control allows inventory tracking across multiple fixed or mobile sites.
Article #319 Multi-warehouse Inventory Control
Planograms Planograms Clients can now upload files, such as planograms or other files, associated with a particular customer, customer group or all customers. These files are loaded to mobile devices and can subsequently be viewed at customer sites.
Article #330 How to Upload Planograms and Other Customer Files?
Route Sheets Route Sheets Route Sheets allows route sales staff to receive summarized historical sales data to enable them to make informed sales decisions based on the customer's historical sales, returns, and on-hand quantities.
Article #322 Route Sheets with Sales History
Transaction Features
No Sale Transactions No Sale Transactions If there is a need to confirm that customers who have purchased no items were visited, this can best be accomplished by creating a 'No Sale' transaction.
Article #323 How to Record Customer Stops when there is No Sale?
Print To Email Print To Email Solid Route Accounting™ has the ability to email transactions from Solid Sales Pro™.
Article #300 How to Configure Email Settings
Print To Printer Print To Printer Solid Sales Pro™, operating on various mobile computers, is compatible with a wide range of printers.
Article #291 Mobile Printer Compatibility Guide
Invoice Level Discounts
Transaction Attachments
Stock Transfers Stock Transfers An essential part of Inventory Management is to monitor what inventory is transferred between which warehouses/cost centers. The most efficient way to do this is by creating Inventory/Stock Transfers from Solid Sales Pro™.
Article #299 Mobile Stock Transfers
Void Transactions Void Transactions Voiding of transactions allows sales staff to void transactions that have not yet been cashed out, which will return the items back into inventory and void the customer transaction.
Article #304 How to Enable Voiding of Transactions?
Delivery Confirmation Delivery Confirmation Delivery Confirmation allows Customer Orders saved within the system to be assigned to a Mobile Unit for delivery and finalization as an Invoice.
Article #313 Finalizing Customer Orders through Delivery Confirmation
Solid Survey™ Solid Survey™ Solid Survey™ allows you define several customer survey questions that sales reps can complete during their visit to a customer.
Article #292 Solid Survey
Location Tracking
Regular GPS Location Tracking
Navigation to Next Stop
Track Mileage
Management Reporting Features
Transaction Settlement with Audit Trail
Trip Report Trip Report With Solid Route Accounting™ and the appropriate mobile devices, you will be able to generate a Trip Report, which will show you on a map where a salesperson has travelled and what transactions were created along the way.
Article #311 Trip Report
Stop Analysis Report Stop Analysis Report The Stop Analysis Report allows supervisors to have a bird's-eye view of their route sales people's work. The report also provides daily subtotals and report period totals.
Article #317 Stop Analysis Report
Transaction Interchange Report
One-time Price Override One-time Price Override The One-time Price Override feature allows system administrators to provide sales reps with a unique 10-digit code that will enable the sales rep to override prices in Solid Sales Pro™.
Article #305 How to Use the One-time Price Override Feature?
Optional Sales Reports
Self-service transaction conflict resolution screen
Solid Know How™ Knowledge base
Chat/Email Support
Priority Phone Support
35-Day Trial Offer of Solid Route Accounting™ for Sage 100 Trial Offer Trial Offer

  - optionally licensed feature.

What is Solid Route Mobile Accounting Software for Sage 100?

Solid Route Mobile Accounting Software is designed to integrate with Sage 100, enabling mobile users to manage records and financial transactions for organizations on a day-to-day basis. Features can include tools to enable fixed asset management, revenue management, expense management, inventory data, accounts receivable and payable, sub-ledger accounting, as well as reporting and analytics. The mobile accounting software is designed to operate smoothly with a very easy setup and can be customized to fulfil your company’s needs. With its smooth integration, Solid Route mobile accounting software for Sage 100 is a favored solution by organizations spanning multiple industries.

Solid Route Mobile Accounting has the best Features for Sage 100 Users

Solid Route mobile accounting software offers all the features that companies need to track, process and manage a number of operations. A wide variety of features cater to the customer, including quick navigation tools to the next stop and a thorough database of customer data. The mobile accounting software also offers the best features for inventory control which includes item barcode scanning, teaching tools for warehouse inventory, tracking for returned goods, and advanced features to assist in sales, such as specific product filters.

Top Reasons Companies Benefit from Solid Route Mobile Accounting Software for Sage 100

Mobile accounting software benefits both the company and its customers. Today, organizations are allocating tasks to other team members, and as we have seen, those who do accounting and invoicing struggle to find the time to sit down at their desks and take care of accounting and invoicing responsibilities. This makes it easier to monitor cash flow, process tax returns, and collect and review data that can increase profitability. The primary reasons for investing in Solid Route mobile accounting software for Sage 100 include the following:
  • Invoicing on the go - While traditional invoicing has been looked upon as a desktop job, invoicing with the use of mobile accounting software is on the rise, as invoices can be sent from phones and tablets wherever there is an Internet connection. This means you can send invoices while on the job site, in a meeting, from your car, or at the location where you are having lunch, making business operations smoother, as the sooner one invoices, the sooner accounts get paid. 
  • Staying on top of bank reconciliations, mobile accounting software like Solid Route for Sage 100 integrations enables a direct feed from the client’s bank account, allowing one to see transactions on a daily basis. This enables people to do a few minutes of bank reconciling at lunch instead of letting it pile up every month, creating a time-consuming, overwhelming mess. 
  • Debtors - Mobile accounting software from Solid Innovation sends completed payment notifications and also notifications when an invoice is past due. This enables companies to stay on top of their accounts receivable. 
  • Cashflow monitoring - Set up a dashboard that allows people to check money in and out using their mobile devices. With the mobiles syncing their transactions and integrating with Sage 100, the cash flow reporting in Sage 100 is much more accurate. 
  • Cleaner books - Amalgamating daily bank feeds with mobile accounting software streamlines client bookkeeping. Due to the fact that businesses can code and review transactions on a daily basis, bank reconciliation can stay up to date, which helps one track and advise on business performance making the business year much less chaotic. 
  • Go paperless - Mobile accounting software that shows expense data via screenshots and photos of receipts eliminates stacks of documents at the end of the financial year, making tax season a lot easier to navigate. 

Solid Route Mobile Accounting Software for Sage 100 Increases Business Value

More streamlined accounting and bookkeeping are critical components in succession planning. Excellent records help people showcase the profitability of the business and demand a higher price from potential buyers. Our mobile accounting software for Sage 100 makes it much simpler for business owners to maintain an accurate, clean set of accounts. 

Solid Route Mobile Accounting Software for Sage 100 Increases Business Value

Contact Solid Innovation to Get the Right Mobile Accounting Software for Sage 100, Customized to Compliment Your Business Operations

No two businesses are the same, and this is why Solid Innovation® offers the best mobile accounting software for Sage 100 allowing users to customize the platform to meet every business need and streamline operations. Call today to Solid Sales Specialist and learn how your data can be safe and secure within the configuration of the best mobile accounting software to improve internal operations and help you hit all of your business growth goals.