Clients can now upload files, such as planograms or other files, in the PDF, PNG, or JPEG format, associated with a particular customer, customer group or all customers. These files are loaded to mobile devices and can subsequently be viewed at customer sites.

For more information on this optionally licensed feature, please get in touch with a Solid Product Specialist.


To upload customer files, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to the [Lists / Customer Files] menu.
  3. Click on [Add] to add a new customer file.
  4. On the next screen, click on the [Browse] button to browse for the file to upload. You can upload PDF, PNG and JPG files.
  5. Click on [Save] to upload the file.
  6. Provide a descriptive name to this file.
  7. If this file applies to all customers, enable the All Customer checkbox.
  8. If this file only applies to one or a group of customers, use the Customer List to search/filter for the customer and double-click or use the arrow key to move the customer into the Selected Customers list.
  9. Once all done, click on [Save] to save the changes.
Customer File Screen

Solid Sales Pro™

When creating a transaction for a customer, and if a customer file(s) has been uploaded for the select customer, then the 1100 Create Transaction screen will display a file icon.

1100 Create Transaction Screen with Planogram Indication

Tapping the file icon opens the 1140 Customer Files screen listing all the customer files associated with this customer. To view a file, tap on the customer file. This will open the file in an external viewer application depending on the file type.

1140 Customer Files Screen

Note: you may have to install a 3rd party viewer application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to view the file. For example, to view a PDF file, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader, or for an image file (PNG or JPG), you can use Fast Image Viewer.

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