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The #1 Distribution Management Software for Seamless Operations

No more stock discrepancies, tedious manual tasks, and murky insights. Solid Route Accounting™ brings clarity, accuracy, and automation to your distribution game. Revolutionize how you manage, sell, and deliver.

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#1 Distribution Management Software for Seamless Operations

With the help of Solid Route Accounting™, our company grew from its humble start into a $12 million revenue-generating establishment in just four years." – Bob, Owner of a Novelty Distribution company.

Leave Behind Age-Old Distribution Hurdles

Leave Behind Age-Old Distribution Hurdles.

Are stock discrepancies, delayed vendor responses, and cumbersome manual entries slowing you down? Make the leap with Solid Route Accounting™ for a smart, integrated, and fast-paced distribution method.

  • Seamless tie-ins with premier ERP systems like QuickBooks, Sage 100, and SYSPRO

  • Real-time inventory updates and barcode utilization for unmatched accuracy

  • Let customers place orders live on the order entry system

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We went looking for a proven DSD mobile sales solution that would enable us to speed route sales, improve customer service, integrate accounting operations, and win new business at the same time. Solid Route Accounting™ is that system.” – Derrick, Owner of Plant and Flower Distribution business.

Insights That Drive Results.

Grasp the pulse of your distribution network. Comprehend trends, movements, and patterns to craft a winning strategy.

  • In-depth reports like "Stop Analysis" and "Trip Analysis" for actionable insights

  • Track sales trends, customer behaviors, and product preferences

  • Clear and concise data visualizations, simplifying complex decision-making

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The biggest benefit of Solid Route Accounting™ has been the accuracy, speed, and ease of use of invoicing." - Kurt, Owner of Home Food Delivery Service.

Insights That Drive Results
Bring Agility to Field Sales & Route Management

Bring Agility to Field Sales & Route Management.

Tired of outdated tools and missed opportunities in your route sales? Solid Route Accounting™ revolutionizes your approach, ensuring precision and efficiency at every turn.

  • Optimized route planning for maximum client interactions

  • Advanced mobile sales system for agile field operations

  • Precise location tracking for real-time route adjustments

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By automating our delivery and accounting systems, Solid Route Accounting has enabled us to boost the productivity of our delivery drivers and accounting staff, improve customer service levels, minimize invoice errors, and focus more time on expanding our business into [other] markets." – Ed, Owner of a Heating Company.

Support Like No Other.

Issues? Questions? We've got you. Delve into our Solid Know-How™ archive or connect with our seasoned support team for unparalleled guidance.

  • Secure and reliable with a leading cloud computing platform's fortress-like protection

  • Solid Route Accounting™ refining every distribution process

  • Constant, real-time enhancements keeping you ahead of the curve

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Your program has been very helpful, especially your tech support team. They have helped us out a great deal, and because of their great service, we love your company and program. We are expanding and will require your service even more soon, and I will connect with you to see if we can do a couple of things that will help us.” – Karo, Owner, Sandwich Distributor.

Support Like No Other

What Distributors Are Saying

Distributors who transformed their daily grind into a streamlined success with Solid Route Accounting™.

With route sheets, salespeople were able to increase their sales and ensure customers had appropriate stock levels.

Rick, Owner, Food Distributor

...the whole Solid Innovation team is the best I have dealt with. They are a very ethical and caring company. I would recommend Solid Route Accounting™ to anybody looking for a route accounting company or program.

Randy, Novelties Distributor

With Solid Route Accounting™, we reduced our accounts receivable from 70 to 17 days.

Jack, Owner, Potato Chip Distributor

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    Train & Triumph

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Distribution management system software is a digital solution designed to streamline and optimize the processes involved in the distribution chain. This includes tasks like order processing, inventory tracking, route planning, and vendor management. Solid Route Accounting™, for instance, provides tools and features that make it easier for businesses to manage, sell, and deliver their products efficiently and accurately.

Not at all! Solid Route Accounting™ is designed for seamless integration with popular ERP systems like QuickBooks, Sage 100, and SYSPRO. Our expert team is always on hand to guide you through the setup process, ensuring smooth operations from day one.

Your data security is our top priority. Solid Route Accounting™ is hosted on a leading cloud computing platform, renowned for its world-class data protection and availability measures. This platform is trusted by global organizations, including the US Department of Defense, to guarantee data integrity and safety.

We understand the transition concerns. Solid Route Accounting™ is designed with user-friendliness at its core. With intuitive interfaces, detailed tutorials, and responsive customer support, most teams get up-to-speed quickly and effortlessly.

Absolutely! With Solid Order Entry™, customers can place orders directly, significantly reducing manual entries and administrative overheads. The automation and efficiency offered can indeed lead to a reduction in order processing costs, with many of our clients experiencing savings of up to 90%.

Solid Route Accounting™'s barcode utilization is all about enhancing inventory accuracy. By scanning products, you get swift order processing and precise inventory tracking. Depending on your existing infrastructure, you might need barcode scanning devices, but they're a worthwhile investment for the time and errors they save.

The Ultimate Upgrade for Distributors

The Ultimate Upgrade for Distributors.

Solid Route Accounting™ is more than just software—it's your path to keep pace with the ever-evolving distribution landscape.

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