Solid Innovation - 38 Year Seal

It all started with a passion for finding solutions. In 1986, Craig Fisher established Solid Innovation® in Prince Albert, SK, Canada. Coming from a strong business system engineering background in banking, the founders believed that small- and medium-sized businesses could benefit from the enormous efficiencies of computer technology.

With a vision for a robust route accounting software system, Solid developed its first product, which was marketed as General Manager in 1987. Business owners immediately embraced this accounting software as an easy-to-use, yet powerful, point-of-sale oriented, transaction management and accounting solution.

In the wake of the General Manager's success, a wholesale distribution company entered the picture. As a distributor to convenience stores, they needed a mobile sales system to make their business accounting practices more efficient. True to its primary client-needs-driven and centred philosophy, Solid's growing staff of programmers build on General Manager's success by creating the first version of the Solid Sales Pro™, the mobile sales program in the Solid Route Accounting™ product suite. It was released in 1991.

Solid Route Accounting™ was the industry's first fully-integrated route accounting system that seamlessly connected mobile invoicing and inventory control with its own integrated back-office accounting system. In short, it was a revolution in the direct store distribution (DSD) industry.

As the demand for mobile sales systems grew and Solid gained recognition among its clients, the opportunities became apparent. In 1995, version 2 of Solid Sales Pro™, the first Canadian route accounting system to run on the Symbol 4600, was released. The release of Solid Route Accounting™ - Integration Edition in 2004 has revolutionized the industry even further with the addition of new features and improvements in equipment.

Solid Route Accounting™ integrates with and extends accounting/ERP systems providing highly accurate, reliable, centrally managed pre-sales, invoicing, inventory pricing, customer management and route solutions.

On May 1, 2011, Bernd Kleyenstüber and Kris Peters, after working several years at Solid, chose to become partners in the business.

In 2012, Solid released its 4th generation of Solid Route Accounting™ that allows clients the flexibility and functionality to use modern handheld computers running on Android or iOS operating systems.

While such product innovations from Solid continued over the last 35 years, the company's growth is the result of two fundamental values:

  • A commitment to listen to clients and exceed their expectations
  • Careful, thoughtful development of our reliable, easy-to-use mobile sales system

Our ongoing commitment to customer service and innovative ideas continue to be Solid's core foundation and drive its business practices. Thus, we at Solid invite you -- its clients and value-add representatives -- to join our team!

Management Team

Bernd Kleyenstüber

Bernd Kleyenstüber

Bernd is Director of Client Services at Solid Innovation®, a key contributor to our business success and the driving force behind our first-rate Client Services Team. Bernd is responsible and committed to providing ongoing support to Solid's clients regarding products, services and the building of solid relationships. In addition, he brings a wealth of knowledge in many operating systems, applications, networks and client service techniques from which clients benefit.

Bernd has over 15 years of experience in Project Management/Client Services in the software development industry. Beginning his career as a software developer, he worked as a project planner and developer before becoming a Senior Project Manager, responsible for managing projects across multiple teams, locations and countries.

Kris Peters

Kris Peters

Kris is Director of Programming at Solid Innovation® and is a key part of the product and new feature planning and development.

In the years Kris has been with Solid, he has ensured that the Solid engine runs smoothly. He is constantly working to provide our existing and future clients with a comprehensive and easy-to-use mobile accounting and inventory control system rich with features and benefits. In addition, Kris works to ensure that the daily transactions are accurately calculated, saved, and transferred back to your main accounting system.


Empowering small and medium businesses with solid, reliable, easy-to-use mobile sales business systems.


At Solid Innovation®, we believe client interaction is critical to our success. We strive for excellence through collaboration - including input and advice - with our clients. With this information and understanding, we pride ourselves on assembling the expertise necessary to help our clients achieve their business objectives. At Solid, we ensure our clients are equipped with the solid approach to route accounting:

  • Solid Profits
    Solid Route Accounting™ delivers superior management insight into your company's profitability. Smooth, end-to-end integration means work is done once, reliably. As such, you can expect to experience strong returns on investments from our software.
  • Solid Growth
    Solid Innovation's proven technology expands your business and frees up wasted time spent on office administration. Our fully integrated approach speeds your company's workflow so that you can focus on finding the right customers, growing sales, rewarding the right employees and managing larger territories with the same investment.
  • Solid Partnership
    With over 30 years of experience in the route accounting industry, we foster relationships with our clients that support teamwork, dedication and results. Our team of innovators is committed to ensuring your investment works and progresses into the future.

This is our guarantee. This is who we are.