Solid Integration Program

This program is focused on integrating complementary solutions with Solid Route Accounting™ for the benefit of route accounting clients. At Solid, we are committed to evolving our business solutions to deliver functional, flexible and fully integrated route accounting systems. With over 35 years of experience in the route accounting industry, we pride ourselves on fostering relationships that support teamwork, dedication, and results that ensure our integration projects progress into the future.

In line with our mission to fortify partnerships, we have meticulously designed the Solid Integration Program as a harmonious blend of technology, business expertise, and collaborative alliances. This multi-faceted approach uniquely positions us to expand our service offering, magnifying the collective capabilities of Solid Route Accounting™ and our esteemed partners.

Our partners form the lifeblood of this integration initiative. We have teamed up with a host of innovative software solution providers, distributors, and hardware manufacturers who share our vision of empowering route accounting businesses with unmatched efficacy. These partnerships aren’t merely transactional; they're strategic alliances built on mutual growth and shared success. This comprehensive ecosystem of partners allows us to extend the value proposition of Solid Route Accounting™ and brings to the table a diverse range of solutions, enabling us to cater to an even broader spectrum of client needs.

The cornerstone of the Solid Integration Program lies in our shared commitment to innovation. By merging our robust software capabilities with the technological prowess of our partners, we provide route accounting clients with best-in-class, future-ready solutions. Our integrated systems are designed to be dynamic, scalable, and adaptable to the shifting business landscapes, allowing our clients to stay one step ahead of the curve.

At Solid, we understand that communication and cooperation form the crux of a successful integration. Hence, we work in close quarters with our partners, ensuring that our collective expertise and resources are directed toward achieving client success. This strategic alignment has enabled us to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

We believe that success is a journey rather than a destination. We remain dedicated to enhancing and expanding our integration capabilities as we progress into the future. With each passing year, our partnerships grow stronger, and our solutions become more seamless and effective. As we continue to pave the way in route accounting, we invite you to join us on this journey toward creating a future where integrated solutions drive business efficiency and growth. At Solid, we're not just building software; we're building lasting relationships.

Hardware Partners

Reliable route accounting systems require reliable mobile hardware. Solid has teamed up with some of the most reputable hardware manufacturers in the industry to provide clients with durable equipment that will withstand some of the roughest elements in the industry.

Indeed, the effectiveness of route accounting systems is inherently tied to the robustness of the mobile hardware it utilizes. With this understanding that Solid has formed alliances with industry-leading hardware manufacturers, ensuring our clients receive access to top-tier, durable equipment that stands up to rigorous industry demands.

Our choice of hardware partners is not made lightly. We carefully vet and choose manufacturers renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation. By leveraging their technical excellence, we are able to equip our clients with state-of-the-art devices that offer exceptional performance, longevity, and reliability. This ensures that our clients' operations run smoothly, no matter how challenging the working environment might be.

But our commitment to hardware excellence goes beyond mere selection. We understand that our clients’ needs are diverse and evolving, so we work closely with our partners to tailor equipment specifications to meet those specific requirements. We can customize hardware solutions from handheld computers to mobile printers to suit any route accounting scenario, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive after-sales support. Our technical teams work hand-in-hand with our hardware partners to provide prompt troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair services, minimizing any potential downtime for our clients. We believe that support shouldn’t end at the point of sale but continue for the entire product lifecycle, ensuring our clients can focus on what they do best—running their business.

Lastly, we continually seek to push the boundaries of what's possible in mobile hardware. We are actively engaged in conversations with our partners about emerging technologies and trends, ensuring our route accounting systems remain at the forefront of technological advancement. As part of this commitment, we facilitate regular hardware upgrades, allowing our clients to benefit from the latest innovations and enhancing their competitive edge.

At Solid, we see the bigger picture—we aim to provide a total, end-to-end solution. Teaming up with the most reputable hardware manufacturers is a key part of that vision, providing our clients with a route accounting system that is not just robust and reliable, but also backed by solid, industry-leading mobile hardware.

Strategic Partners

These associations and professionals provide Solid with long-term resource commitments that contribute to Solid's sustainability and growth. In collaboration with these partners, Solid continues to provide value, dedication, and results to clients.

These fruitful partnerships play an instrumental role in Solid's continuous evolution and success. Their unwavering commitment in terms of resources and expertise forms an essential backbone to our operations, enabling us to maintain stability while pursuing progressive growth trajectories. Each partner brings their unique strengths and capabilities to the table, greatly enriching our solutions portfolio and enhancing our capacity to deliver excellent results.

At Solid, we take pride in fostering a culture of shared growth and mutual success. The cornerstone of any lasting partnership is reciprocity; as such, we are steadfast in our commitment to creating a symbiotic relationship with our partners. We seek to provide them with opportunities to expand their business horizons and gain exposure to new markets, just as they help us enhance our offerings.

Furthermore, these alliances enable us to stay at the forefront of industry advancements as we jointly explore and implement cutting-edge technologies. Through collaborative research and development, we strive to provide our clients with the most innovative and efficient route accounting solutions.

But beyond the tangible benefits, these partnerships also create a community that's built on a shared vision and values. A sense of shared purpose fuels our collective drive towards betterment, ensuring we continually deliver value, dedication, and results to our clients. We recognize that our journey toward sustainable growth and innovation is a collective one, and we're proud to take this journey hand-in-hand with our esteemed partners. Solid continues to set new standards in route accounting solutions through these collaborations while nurturing long-lasting, beneficial partnerships.

Becoming a Partner

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