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Grab a Cold One with Solid Route Accounting™

Manage everything that goes into the supply chain with Solid Route Accounting™ for breweries and wholesale beer distributors.

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  • Avoid Lost Time & Revenue

    Optimize Orders

    Streamlines the ordering process with beer distribution software by automating tasks, reducing errors, and enhancing efficiency. Allow customers to place orders, while the software manages inventory in real-time, ensuring accurate stock levels and seamless order fulfillment.
  • Avoid Frustrated Teams

    Maximize Delivery Efficiency

    Efficiently manage beer inventory, streamline purchase orders, and oversee vendors with our beer distribution software powered by the Solid Sales Pro™ app.
  • Avoid Data Disasters

    Unlock Trip Insights

    Get valuable insights from cash-out reports, route sheets, and more, empowering your beer distribution business to make data-driven decisions that enhance operational efficiency and maximize profitability.

Streamline Your Beer Distribution Finances

Effortlessly handle the financial intricacies of beer distribution with Solid Route Accounting™. Translate complex financial data into actionable insights, empowering your beer distribution business to drive greater profitability.

  • Enhanced Management Reports: Get detailed financial insights tailored for the beer delivery industry, such as route profitability, profitability per delivery, and customer coverage.

  • Accurate Invoice Tracking: Route Sheets with Sales History provides your route sales staff insights on historical sales data and allows them to quickly take returns, create orders, and find missed opportunities.

  • Always Up-to-Date Pricing: Each synchronization balances information from your ERP systems, which means mobile always has accurate pricing information and your accounts receivable are up to date.

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We selected Solid’s mobile sales software for its ease of use and the flexibility, and we’re very pleased with the results we’re able to achieve, in particular, the tracking of inventory. If you need a DSD route accounting solution that drives productivity, look closely at Solid Route Accounting.” – Joe, Owner of a Craft Brewery.

Optimize Your Beer Distribution Software

Navigating inventory management in beer distribution shouldn't be a challenge. Ensure optimal stock levels, minimize waste, and meet demand seamlessly across your customer base.

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking: Accurate per-warehouse inventory tracking makes product reordering easy through your ERP system.

  • Quick Reordering: Instant visibility into beer stock levels helps prevent shortages and surpluses, keeping your beer inventories perfectly balanced.

  • Easy Truck Restocking: The depletion report generated during the daily cashout allows you to easily restock your truck inventory.

Try Solid Route Accounting™

Solid Route Accounting™ is definitely saving me time out in the field and it's more professional, which is a big thing." – Bill, President, Beverage Distributor

Enhance Sales and Customer Management

Go beyond mere transactions and become the preferred vendor for local stores everywhere with your beer distribution software. Utilize essential tools like cash-out reports, route sheets, stop analysis, and trip reports to gain unparalleled insights into operational efficiency and customer engagement, refining your beer distribution operations

  • Efficient Order Processing: Simplify beer distribution operations with rapid order processing, seamlessly connecting order placement to delivery. Enable customers to place orders directly through the Solid Order Entry™ app, empowering your sales and delivery teams to fulfill orders promptly.

  • Dynamic Sales Insights: Leverage sales analytics tailored for the beer industry, including cash-out reports and trip reports. Adapt to customer preferences and market trends to offer more targeted products and services.

  • Personalized Customer Experiences: Harness stop analysis and route optimization tools to understand purchasing patterns and preferences. Enhance each customer's experience, fostering loyalty and driving repeat business.

Try Solid Route Accounting™

We selected Solid’s mobile sales software for its ease of use and the flexibility, and we’re very pleased with the results we’re able to achieve, in particular, the tracking of inventory. If you need a DSD route accounting solution that drives productivity, look closely at Solid Route Accounting.

Joe, Owner of a Craft Brewery

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  • Sign Up & Sync

    Sign Up & Sync

    Quickly create your account and sync your existing data for customers, products, pricing, and taxes directly from your ERP/accounting system like QuickBooks, Sage 100, or SYSPRO, to our platform with just a click.
  • Customize & Configure

    Customize & Configure

    Our system is set up to support your beer distribution software from the start. Customize it to fit your unique needs through our user-friendly dashboard, making module selection and configuration straightforward.
  • Train & Triumph

    Train & Triumph

    Dive into our comprehensive tutorials and leverage Solid Know-How™ for effortless mastery of the system. Our expert support team is always at your service, ensuring you maximize your delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

 Ready to Distribute Beer Faster & Easier?

Solid Route Accounting™ swiftly pays for itself in just 3 months, with clients seeing immediate gross profit boosts of over 5% and long-term gains exceeding 10 points on average.

Try Solid Route Accounting™

Route accounting software like that of Solid Innovation® streamlines the entire distribution process for beer distributors, from order entry through delivery to invoicing. It simplifies managing inventory, customer orders, and financial reporting, making operations more efficient and reducing manual errors.

Our stock management system lets you track and manage your beer inventory effectively. It monitors stock levels, helps with forecasting, and shows you when it's time to replenish, ensuring you always have enough inventory to meet customer demand.

The profitability of beer distribution hinges on a combination of factors including effective supply chain management, operational efficiency, and a keen understanding of market dynamics. Critical elements involve securing beer products at competitive rates, optimizing delivery routes to minimize expenses, and staying attuned to evolving consumer tastes and industry trends. Achieving success in this sector demands streamlined operations, strategic procurement strategies, and the ability to swiftly adapt to shifts in the market landscape, all of which are essential for sustaining robust profit margins.

Yes, Solid Route Accounting™ is designed to integrate seamlessly with major ERP and accounting systems, including QuickBooks, Sage 100, and SYSPRO. This integration ensures that your financial, inventory, and customer data flows smoothly between Solid Route Accounting™ and your existing system, providing a unified and efficient management experience. Our platform enhances your ability to manage finances, track inventory, process orders, and generate reports, all within the familiar environment of your current ERP/accounting system.

Yes, with Solid Route Accounting™, you can meticulously track your beer distribution orders through detailed route sheets, comprehensive trip reports, and in-depth stop analysis. This enables real-time visibility into each order's journey, enhancing transparency and reliability for both your team and your customers. These features ensure every drop delivered is accounted for, providing peace of mind and fostering trust in your service.

Our system generates digital receipts and detailed delivery confirmations, including route sheets, and trip and stop analysis for each order. These documents are readily accessible through the Solid Sales Pro™ app and can be directly emailed to you or your customers, providing a comprehensive record of every transaction, delivery, and payment. This process not only ensures transparency but also simplifies record-keeping and enhances customer trust.

Yes, we offer specialized apps for both sales reps and customers. The sales rep app is designed for route navigation and order management, while the customer app focuses on order placement.

We understand the importance of user adoption. Our system is so easy to get up and running that you can simply enable it over a cup of coffee. Our system is user-friendly and designed with a straightforward interface for ease of use. We also provide a comprehensive knowledge base and support to ensure your team is comfortable and proficient with the system.

We provide an extensive knowledge base and support to ensure your team is comfortable and efficient in using our system. From initial setup to ongoing assistance, we're here to help your business leverage the full potential of Solid Route Accounting™.