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#1 Route Accounting Software for Distributors

Say goodbye to messy routes, disjointed delivery systems, and missed sales opportunities. Solid Route Accounting™ arms direct store distributors with a one-stop route accounting solution that drives more sales and revenue with every delivery.

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We went looking for a proven DSD mobile sales solution that would enable us to speed route sales, improve customer service, integrate accounting operations, and win new business at the same time. Solid Route Accounting™ is that system.” – Derrick, Owner of Plant and Flower Distribution business.

All Your Routes, Organized

All Your Routes, Organized.

Stop juggling multiple systems. Manage all your delivery and sales routes from one place. Make changes on the go and ensure nothing is overlooked

  • Integration with top accounting software
  • Easy-to-use inventory and barcoding tools
  • Faster, better route sales with Mobile Sales Systems
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My route sales reps are each saving at least a half hour every day with Solid’s system. My staff think it’s great!" – Matt, Manager at a Food Preparation and Distribution business.

Reports You Can Actually Use.

No more guessing. Get clear reports on every stop and trip. Know where you're doing well and where you can do better.

  • Instant feedback with Stop Analysis and Trip Analysis
  • Quick order placements, with actual prices and deals
  • Clean, easy-to-understand receipts for your customers
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With manual invoices, our drivers were doing $2500 - $3000 a day. With computer-generated invoices, they are writing $4000, $5000 or $6000 a day in my territory. There's no way in the world they could have written that by doing manual invoices." – Rick, Owner of a Food Distribution business.

Reports You Can Actually Use
Boost Your Sales On The Road

Boost Your Sales On The Road.

Give your route sales team the tools they need to succeed. With our Mobile Sales Systems, they can seal deals faster and keep customers happier.

  • Powerful tools like DSD, mobile sales, and van order entry for customers
  • Smoothly add more modules if you need them
  • Keep full control over inventory, prices, and adjustments
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By automating our delivery and accounting systems, Solid Route Accounting™ has enabled us to boost the productivity of our delivery drivers and accounting staff, improve customer service levels, minimize invoice errors, and focus more time on expanding our business into [other] markets." – Ed, Owner of a Heating Company.

Help When You Need It.

Questions? Problems? We're here for you. Get hands-on help or dive into our Solid Know-How™ articles anytime you need.

  • Secured & readily available on a leading cloud computing platform
  • Streamlined order system with Solid Order Entry™
  • Real-time updates keep everything accurate
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Help When You Need It

What Other Distributors Are Saying

Distributors who transformed their daily grind into a streamlined success with Solid Route Accounting™.

With route sheets, salespeople were able to increase their sales and ensure customers had appropriate stock levels.

Rick, Owner, Food Distributor

Solid Route Accounting™ has been working fantastic. Thank you for checking in!

Sam, Partner, Ice Distributor

...the whole Solid Innovation team is the best I have dealt with. They are a very ethical and caring company. I would recommend Solid Route Accounting™ to anybody looking for a route accounting company or program.

Randy, Novelties Distributor

Turn Routes into Revenue with Solid Route Accounting™

Turn Routes into Revenue with Solid Route Accounting™.

Solid Route Accounting™ doesn't just simplify route accounting—it unlocks opportunities for more revenue and cost savings. It's time to let your business truly flourish.

Try Solid Route Accounting™
  • Sign Up & Sync

    Sign Up & Sync

    Create an account and integrate existing data. Customer, product, pricing and tax information is maintained in your ERP / accounting system and is transferred to mobile computers with a touch of a button. Seamless compatibility with top software.

  • Customize & Configure

    Customize & Configure

    The system is ready out of the box - but you can tailor it to your specific DSD needs with our intuitive dashboard for easy module selection and configuration.

  • Train & Triumph

    Train & Triumph

    Access tutorials and Solid Know-How™. Expert support is always available

Route accounting software is a tool that optimizes delivery and sales for route-based businesses. Tools like Solid Route Accounting™ merge accounting features with delivery management, offering real-time inventory updates, delivery scheduling and comprehensive route reporting (Stop and Trip analysis). This ensures streamlined operations, improved customer service, sales analysis for sales managers, and accurate financial records, making it essential for industries like beverage distribution, dairy, and baked goods delivery.

Absolutely. While Solid Route Accounting™ is feature-rich, we've made it user-friendly. And if you ever hit a bump, our support team and the Solid Know-How™ articles are your safety net, ensuring a smooth experience.

Data security is our top priority. That's why we host on a leading cloud computing platform, known for its robust reliability & security measures. Rest assured, your data isn't just stored—it's fortified. Additionally, a reliable internet connection ensures consistent and secure data transmissions. Rest assured, your data isn't just stored—it's fortified.

While accounting software like Solid Route Accounting™ significantly simplifies financial tracking and reporting, it doesn't replace the expertise of an accountant. 

The system provides accurate transaction information directly to your accounting/ERP system as though you entered it yourself, with a full audit trail, resulting in accurate, timely system reports. However, the accountants provide strategic financial advice, tax planning, and in-depth analysis. Think of Solid Route Accounting™ as a powerful tool taming the paper flow while an accountant as the expert guiding accurate financial control, ensuring your business thrives financially.