Solid Order Entry™ enables customers to place orders with you easily.

When businesses rely on field sales, partnering with a company that provides the best mobile QuickBooks point of sale and mobile Sage 100 point of sale technology is critical for finding solutions to common problems companies face in today’s business landscape. Solid Innovation® is proud to offer Solid Order Entry, a mobile point of sale software solution that integrates with your ERP system, including QuickBooks, Sage 100, Solid Business Central™, and more.

In the rapidly evolving digital era, the importance of streamlined and efficient business operations cannot be emphasized enough. The challenges that arise in the field sales domain are multifaceted. From managing inventory to ensuring real-time data access for sales representatives, having the right technological infrastructure is imperative to maintain a competitive edge. This is where Solid sets itself apart.

Opting for Solid Order Entry™ is not just about embracing a point of sale system—it's about ensuring that your business operations are in tune with today's digital demands. With its seamless integration capabilities, businesses can effortlessly synchronize their customer orders directly into different platforms such as QuickBooks, Sage 100, Solid Business Central™, SYSPRO, and more. This kind of integration ensures data consistency and enhances field sales teams' efficiency.

Furthermore, providing immediate responses and solutions is paramount in a business landscape where customer experience reigns supreme. A mobile point of sale software solution like Solid Order Entry™ ensures that your business is always ready, always informed, and always equipped to provide the best service to your clients.

Partnering with Solid translates to a commitment towards operational excellence, a keen understanding of modern challenges, and a willingness to leverage technology for optimal results. Embracing such solutions is no longer just a luxury—it’s a strategic necessity for businesses aiming to lead in their respective sectors.

  • Save You Time | Solid Order Entry

    Saves You Time

    With the advent of advanced technology, manual order input is becoming a thing of the past—no need to phone your customer to get their order and enter it into your ERP system. Orders are entered automatically. This saves time and eliminates the chances of human error, streamlining the entire ordering process for maximum efficiency. It ensures accuracy and consistency, enhancing customer trust and fostering more robust business relationships.

  • Eliminate Mistakes

    Eliminate Mistakes

    Avoid misunderstandings by allowing your customers to place precisely what they want. Empowering them with this autonomy ensures clarity in transactions and enhances customer satisfaction. When customers can clearly specify their requirements, it minimizes potential errors, streamlines the ordering process, and fosters a more transparent business relationship.

  • Cost Effective


    Reduce staff overhead and training costs by allowing your customers to place orders directly. This self-service approach streamlines operations and will enable customers to engage interactively. By simplifying the ordering process, businesses can allocate resources more efficiently and focus on optimizing other areas, ultimately improving overall service quality and customer experience.

  • Solid Order Entry is Convenient


    Customers can avoid missed orders and place them when it suits them, even after hours. This 24/7 accessibility enhances user convenience, catering to diverse schedules and time zones. It ensures that businesses remain responsive to customer needs around the clock, fostering loyalty and accommodating the modern, always-on consumer lifestyle.

  • Always Accurate

    Always Accurate

    Customers always know exactly what they’re ordering with an up-to-date product list and accurate pricing. This real-time transparency eliminates potential discrepancies, fostering trust and confidence in transactions. Such clarity ensures that customers make informed choices, increasing satisfaction, fewer returns, and a smoother purchasing experience for both parties involved.

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    With a few taps, customers can quickly place their orders. The intuitive interface is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that even those with minimal tech-savviness can navigate seamlessly. This simplicity accelerates the ordering process, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall customer experience, leading to repeat business.


Solid Order Entry™ seamlessly integrates with Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks, Solid Route Accounting™ for Sage 100, Solid Route Accounting™ for Solid Business Central™ or Solid Route Accounting™ for SYSPRO.

  • No setup fee
  • Monthly fee: $250 per month, with the first 250 transactions free
  • Fees per additional transaction: $0.95 per transaction
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of clients

Use Solid Order Entry™ with confidence. For over 35 years, Solid Innovation® is trusted for its business systems. Solid Route Accounting™ is used by distributors and mobile sales teams across the USA and Canada.

Quickly, accurately, and securely place orders to your supplier from the convenience of your favourite device with Solid Order Entry™

Solid Order Entry Is Mobile Accounting Software That Resolves Common Problems in Business

Solid Innovation’s Solid Order Entry™ helps businesses find solutions to these common problems:

  • Eliminate the need to call clients to get their orders
  • Save time, as orders are entered automatically
  • Gives customers more control over placing orders
  • Eliminate mistakes by letting clients fill out their own orders
  • Eliminate staff overhead
  • Reduce training/cut training costs
  • Provide customers with greater convenience by letting them place orders, even outside of regular hours
  • Ensure 100% accuracy with order entry
  • Easy for team members and customers to use

Discover how Solid Order Entry mobile point of sale software solution can help you hit your internal growth goals, positively impact your bottom line, and delight clients while helping to solidify long, valuable professional relations.