Solid Order Entry™: The Best Mobile Point-of-Sale Solution for Sage 100

With money management being the most critical part of operating a business, having a process that streamlines and governs cash flow through every facet, from sales to the supply chain and from warehouse/inventory management to internal operations, partnering with an accounting software company that offers a custom mobile point-of-sales for Sage 100 that are fully automated is essential to your ability to hit all of your organization’s growth goals.

Sage 100 Mobile Point-of-Sale Software for ERP Systems

Established in 1984, Sage 100 has become one of the world’s largest enterprise resource planning accounting software platforms. In fact, five years ago, the ERP system provider had three million clients, with 55% located in the United States and most of their other clients based primarily in Canada, the UK and France. One of the biggest challenges businesses have struggled with—and continue to be plagued with today—is the ability to streamline the field sales process with a robust Sage 100 mobile point-of-sale integration that’s fully automated, requires little to no training, and that can be customized to every client to help them achieve their unique business objectives and growth goals. Solid Innovation® saw this gap and designed and developed Solid Order Entry™ for Sage 100 to resolve these common business challenges.

Solid Order Entry for Sage 100

Solid Order Entry™ Mobile Point-of-Sale for Sage 100 Saves Organizations Time

Thousands of hours and, therefore, dollars are wasted every year when businesses rely on phoning their customers to enter their orders and details into an ERP system. With Solid Order Entry™, this Sage 100 mobile point-of-sale solution automatically enters customer orders and all the necessary information into your ERP system. This process is proven to reduce the number of heads an organization needs to employ and free up more internal time so team members can direct focus to more critical areas of the business—and saving time enables organizations to save money.

Solid Order Entry™ Mobile POS for Sage 100 Eliminates Mistakes and Is 100% Accurate

All too often, misunderstandings between customers and salespeople can lead to disastrous outcomes for businesses. If the charge is inaccurate, the wrong product is ordered, or the shipping details are incorrect, chargebacks can result, along with the customer leaving bad reviews that tarnish your reputation. Solid Order Entry™ mobile POS for Sage 100 ensures complete accuracy by enabling your customers to place precise, detailed orders in person, so they can see exactly what they are getting and when they are getting it. All product list information and product availability are up to date, and the pricing is always accurate and updated in real time.

Achieve Greater Cost Efficiency with Solid Order Entry™ Mobile Point-of-Sales for Sage 100 By Reducing Staff Overhead

Multiple channels empower a field sales department: internal front office, warehouse staff, logistics teams, phone support, data processing teams, sales reps, and finance personnel, just to name some. Solid Order Entry™ mobile point-of-sale for Sage 100 works with ERP systems in a completely automated manner with the ability to make unique customizations according to how your organization operates thus eliminating your need for additional team members.

Improve the Customer Experience with Solid Order Entry™ Mobile Point-of-Sales for Sage 100

When you provide your customers with the ability to see real-time inventory and place accurate orders while verifying every detail, with a process that is fast, easy, and can be done in the field, you are improving the user experience and are creating memorable sales moments that will enable you to enhance your average customer lifetime value, see an increase in repeat customers, and grow your brand reputation with an increase in reviews left by verified, delighted customers.

Why Businesses That Use Sage 100 Need Solid Order Entry™

While Sage 100 is a widely used ERP system, it doesn’t solve common business needs. Many of our customers seek an accounting system with seamless integration of field sales tasks and internal operations with the best security features that have the power and flexibility to stand up to the complexities of multiple operations.

Many businesses try to solve this problem by investing in a point-of-sale system for Sage 100 that can handle many tasks while keeping spotless sales records, accepting multiple forms of payment, is fast and easy, and captures and stores all of the right data in a secure manner. However, transferring data between Sage 100 and the POS has historically caused several problems for organizations.

Our Solid Order Entry™ POS integration for Sage 100 was designed to resolve all of the top challenges and can be customized to work according to your own processes, as our integration communicates effectively with both ends, while other integrations try to translate exported data into each language presented in the software. Businesses will spend a great deal of time manually entering data from their Sage point-of-sale while hemorrhaging hours of wasted time that eat into company profits. Solid Order Entry™ simplifies the process and enables anyone in the organization with proper access to locate accurate, critical information that is automatically stored every time a touchpoint is made in the system.

Secure Your Free Trial with Solid Order Entry™ Mobile Point-of-Sales for Sage 100

Now is the time to discover for yourself why Solid Order Entry™ is the best Sage 100 point-of-sale software for businesses of all sizes using this popular ERP system. Call Solid today and ask about a free trial to discover firsthand how our mobile point of sale Sage 100 software integration will resolve all of your needs, improve operations, and better situate your company to hit all of its growth goals.