Makes Sales Easier On The Road.

#1 B2B Order Taking App for Sales Reps & Distributors

Say goodbye to handwritten mistakes, forgotten orders, and incorrect quantities. Welcome to the future of B2B ordering on the road with Solid Order Entry™ — where precision meets simplicity.

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#1 B2B Order Taking App for Sales Reps & Distributors

I really like the way Solid Order Entry™, a component of Solid Route Accounting™, imports and correctly calculates the taxes when importing Sales Orders from QuickBooks Canada." – Mike, CEO of Dairy Distributor.

We Made Order-placing Easy

We Made Order-placing Easy.

Break free from conventional order-taking hassles. Empower your B2B business with tools that simplify, optimize, and accelerate order processes.

  • Seamless integration with top-tier ERP systems like QuickBooks, Sage 100, and SYSPRO

  • Real-time pricing visibility, inclusive of specials and discounts

  • 24/7 access for customers to place orders any time

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With Solid Route Accounting™, my day is done with a push of a button. All my transactions appear in my office system. What a great feeling knowing that I didn't have to sit there and enter them in myself." – Khalid, Phone Card Distributor.

Identify Your Best-Selling Items.

Gain crystal-clear insights into your B2B orders. Understand your market demands and customize your approach effectively.

  • Immediate visibility with reports like "Stop Analysis"

  • Efficient, precise order placements with real-time pricing insights

  • Professional, clear-cut invoices boosting your brand’s perception

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With Solid Route Accounting™, we reduced our accounts receivable from 70 to 17 days." – Jack, Owner, Potato Chip Distributor.

We Made Order-placing Easy
Improve Every B2B Sales Interaction

Improve Every B2B Sales Interaction.

With Solid Order Entry™, empower your team to handle sales flawlessly. Command pricing, inventory, and orders, ensuring precise transactions and unmatched customer satisfaction.

  • Streamlined tools for optimal B2B sales and order management

  • Easily expand with more modules as your business grows

  • Maintain complete authority over inventory, pricing, and order adjustments

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My route sales reps are each saving at least a half hour every day with Solid’s system. My staff think it’s great!" – Matt, Manager at a Food Preparation and Distribution business.

Support Every Step of the Way.

Questions? Hiccups? Lean on us. Dive into our Solid Know-How™ resources or engage with our adept support team for unmatched assistance.

  • Backed by a leading cloud computing platform

  • Solid Order Entry™ streamlining every order process

  • Consistent, real-time updates maintaining unparalleled accuracy

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Support Every Step of the Way

What Distributors Are Saying

Distributors who transformed their daily grind into a streamlined success with Solid Route Accounting™.

By automating our delivery and accounting systems, Solid Route Accounting™ has enabled us to boost the productivity of our delivery drivers and accounting staff, improve customer service levels, minimize invoice errors, and focus more time on expanding our business into [other] markets.

Ed, Owner of a Heating Company

...the whole Solid Innovation team is the best I have dealt with. They are a very ethical and caring company. I would recommend Solid Route Accounting™ to anybody looking for a route accounting company or program.

Randy, Novelties Distributor

... saves time through increased operator efficiency. It provides a reliable source of information that is readily available for planning and execution purposes. … route sales staff absolutely love it.

Ray, Owner of Coffee Distributor

  • Sign Up & Sync

    Sign Up & Sync

    Create an account and integrate existing data. Seamless compatibility with top software.

  • Customize & Configure

    Customize & Configure

    The system is ready out of the box - but you can tailor it to your specific DSD needs with our intuitive dashboard for easy module selection and configuration.

  • Train & Triumph

    Train & Triumph

    Access tutorials and Solid Know-How™. Expert support is always available.

Solid Order Entry™ isn't just an app—it's a game-changer for B2B businesses. With its easy integrations, real-time updates, and intuitive interface, it transcends traditional order-taking barriers, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Not at all. Solid Route Accounting™ is crafted with user-friendliness at its core. And whenever you hit a roadblock, our exemplary support and Solid Know-How™ resources are right by your side.

While Solid Order Entry™ significantly streamlines and augments order-taking, it's designed to complement, not replace, your sales team. It empowers them to focus on fostering relationships and driving strategic sales rather than mundane order-taking.

Solid Order Entry™ runs on Android and iOS (Apple) phones and tablets and Windows computers.

The Best Thing to Happen to Sales Reps & Distributors

The Best Thing to Happen to Sales Reps & Distributors.

Solid Order Entry™ isn't merely a tool—it's your ticket to evolving with the B2B landscape. Seize the chance for refined sales strategies and unparalleled order efficiency. Join the B2B evolution.

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