Solid Order Entry™: The Best QuickBooks Point of Sale Software for Streamlining Business Growth and Operations

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies that rely on field sales is knowing how to utilize the right technology for their point of sale process. According to an article published by Harvard Business Review by Andris A. Zoltners and others, a large number of organizations struggle in today’s digital world to resolve problems related to time management, cost-effectiveness and errors associated with remote sales data entry. Considering that QuickBooks monopolizes approximately 80% of the market share, having the best point of sale software for this popular platform is critical to business growth.

Harvard Business Review goes on to state that most field salespeople interact with customers more than half of the time, and many of these interactions serve purposes such as prospecting and following up on past in-person engagement. Unfortunately, when organizations are not investing in companies that offer the best mobile point of sale software for QuickBooks that meets their unique set of challenges, they are hobbling their ability to cut costs and hit their revenue goals while creating more complex problems.

Solid Order Entry™ is a fully automated QuickBooks point of sale software solution that empowers field sales reps, their process, internal communication, and the customer experience in a seamless method that requires little to no effort.

Solid Order Entry for Quickbooks

Solid Order Entry™ Point of Sale Software for QuickBooks Saves Organizations Time

Arguably, that old expression "time is money" has no greater meaning than it does in the realm of field sales. According to "Field Sales Transformation—Digital Services to Improve Sales Process and Productivity" by Michael Hepp and Semih Akkaya, digital services like QuickBooks point of sale software can provide direct solutions to common problems in productivity with daily tasks, improving internal processes and identifying gaps that can even lead to securing future productivity. Thanks to Solid Order Entry™, sales reps don’t need to call the customer to take their order and enter it into the ERP system, as all orders are automatically entered.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Software That Reduces Costly Mistakes

Every year, companies lose millions of dollars due to sales errors, and the majority of these errors take place during the actual order process. When incorrect orders are placed, costly returns will result, and brand reputation takes a massive hit. Erroneous sales entry also utilizes costly time with inventory control, warehouse management, and other operational sectors directly related to a sale. Solid Order Entry™ is known as the ultimate QuickBooks point of sale software that better enables companies to avoid misunderstandings in the order process by letting customers in the field place orders specifically based on what they want, with access to a real-time inventory of products that are up to date with accurate pricing.

Point of Sale software integration with QuickBooks

Solid Order Entry™—the QuickBooks Point of Sale Software That Improves Cost-Effectiveness

When it comes to point of sale software for QuickBooks, some mobile solutions are very complex, lack automation features, require lots of training, and demand a full staff to keep operations running. Solid Order Entry™ was designed to eliminate these obstacles by enabling customers to place accurate orders in the field, with all channels of the process being fully automated, thus eliminating the need for additional manpower while significantly reducing costly mistakes.

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