Software Warranty

Where a problem occurs that provides for data corruption, prevents operation, or provides for an untenable situation, and these occur on approved equipment that is in good condition, then upgrades are provided. Upgrades are automatically made available as both a hosted and downloadable product.

Hardware Warranty

Solid is proud to represent products from reliable manufacturers. Each product and manufacturer has been selected based on providing quality products which they stand behind.

All warranties are provided and supported by the product's respective manufacturer. As warranties vary, please consult your product documentation and our store description for details. In general, all items are guaranteed under warranty to perform as described.

Use the information below to initiate your warranty service:


Manufacturer DOA Period * Manufacturer's Warranty Terms Warranty Service
Datamax-O'Neil Portable Printers 30 days All printers, including print head, 1-year warranty
(800) 782-4263
Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services 30 days Mobile Computers: 1-year standard warranty
(800) 782-4263
Janam Technologies, LLC 30 days

1 year

All Janam XG3, XM2-RFID, XM5, XM70 and XT1 series mobile
computers purchased after January 1, 2016, will come with a
standard warranty of two (2) years.
(866) 915-5311
Zebra 30 days Mobile Computers: 1-year standard warranty
Mobile Printers: 1-year standard warranty
(800) 653-5350
(877) 275-9327

* DOA Period is from the Invoice date unless otherwise specified.