Streamline Your Inventory Control within Your Route Accounting System and Enhance Your Distribution Efficiency.

Master Inventory Management with Solid Route Accounting™

Move beyond spreadsheets and manual counts. Solid Route Accounting™ integrates robust inventory management capabilities, ensuring accurate transactions for pricing and quantities directly within your ERP system.

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Easily Manage Your Inventory Right Within Solid Route Accounting

We have complete visibility of all inventory, and I believe because of Solid’s software solution, our sales team's productivity is the best in the industry." - Greg, CEO of Novelty Distributor.

Easily Manage Your Inventory Right Within Solid Route Accounting™

Say goodbye to stockouts and overstocking. With Solid Route Accounting™, gain the ability to manage and optimize inventory seamlessly within your existing route accounting framework.

  • Seamless integration with leading ERP systems for accurate inventory tracking.

  • Detailed product returns tracking with reason codes.

  • Comprehensive approved product lists (APL) for efficient inventory control.

  • Advanced lot number tracking for precise stock management.

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We selected Solid’s mobile sales software for its ease of use and the flexibility, and we’re very pleased with the results we’re able to achieve, in particular, the tracking of inventory. If you need a DSD route accounting solution that drives productivity, look closely at Solid Route Accounting.” – Joe, Owner of a Craft Brewery.

Easily Manage Your Inventory Right Within Solid Route Accounting
Insightful Reporting Integrated in Your Accounting Software

Insightful Reporting Integrated in Your Accounting Software.

Within your accounting software, access comprehensive reporting features to make informed decisions that enhance profitability.

  • Advanced analytics for inventory turnover and order fulfillment.

  • Real-time stock level alerts to prevent lost sales.

  • Automated purchase order generation based on historical data trends.

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With route sheets, salespeople were able to increase their sales and ensure customers had appropriate stock levels.” – Rick, Owner of a Food Distribution business.

Optimize Your Ordering within Your Accounting Software.

Use intelligent software recommendations for order quantities and timing, all within the Solid Route Accounting™ framework.

  • Smart order point calculations to maintain optimal stock levels.

  • Vendor performance tracking integrated into your accounting process.

  • Integrated order processing for a seamless flow from purchase to sale.

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My route sales reps are each saving at least a half hour every day with Solid’s system. My staff think it’s great!" – Matt, Manager at a Food Preparation and Distribution business.

Optimize Your Ordering within Your Accounting Software
Support That Understands Wholesale

Support That Understands Wholesale.

Our expert team is equipped to support challenges specific to route accounting and inventory management, ensuring smooth operation at all times.

  • Access to the Solid Know-How™ article library, focusing on route accounting and inventory management.

  • Secure cloud infrastructure for quick resolution and support.

  • Regular software updates to ensure peak performance and compliance.

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Your program has been very helpful, especially your tech support team. They have helped us out a great deal, and because of their great service, we love your company and program. We are expanding and will require your service even more soon, and I will connect with you to see if we can do a couple of things that will help us.” – Karo, Owner, Sandwich Distributor.

What Other Wholesalers Are Saying

Distributors who transformed their daily grind into a streamlined success with Solid Route Accounting™.

...the whole Solid Innovation team is the best I have dealt with. They are a very ethical and caring company. I would recommend Solid Route Accounting™ to anybody looking for a route accounting company or program.

Randy, Novelties Distributor

... saves time through increased operator efficiency. It provides a reliable source of information that is readily available for planning and execution purposes. … route sales staff absolutely love it.

Ray, Owner of Coffee Distributor

I really like the way Solid Route Accounting™ imports and correctly calculates the taxes when importing Sales Orders from QuickBooks Canada.

Mike, CEO of Dairy Distributor

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    Sign Up & Sync

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  • Customize & Configure

    Customize & Configure

    The system is ready out of the box - but you can tailor it to your specific DSD needs with our intuitive dashboard for easy module selection and configuration.

  • Train & Triumph

    Train & Triumph

    Access tutorials and Solid Know-How™. Expert support is always available.

This feature ensures efficient control over stock levels within your route accounting system, enabling real-time tracking, automated ordering, and in-depth reporting to ensure that you have the right products in the right quantities at the right time while also providing critical data for strategic decision-making.

Absolutely. Solid Route Accounting™ combines advanced features with a user-friendly interface. Plus, our extensive support resources and responsive customer service team ensure you're never left in the lurch.

Your data's security is our utmost concern. Hosted on reliable cloud servers with the latest encryption and security protocols, Solid Route Accounting™ ensures your business data is protected and compliant with industry standards.

Solid Route Accounting™ is built to integrate smoothly with many leading ERP and accounting systems. This integration streamlines your workflows and keeps all your financial data in sync.

Ready to Streamline Your Inventory

Ready to Streamline Your Inventory?

Solid Route Accounting™ swiftly pays for itself in just 3 months, with clients seeing immediate gross profit boosts of over 5% and long-term gains exceeding 10 points on average.

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