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Say goodbye to disjointed invoicing and complex setups. Solid Route Accounting™ merges with QuickBooks for flawless mobile invoicing, spot-on inventory control, and insightful management reports.

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I really like the way Solid Route Accounting™ imports and correctly calculates the taxes when importing Sales Orders from QuickBooks.” – Mike, CEO of Dairy Distributor.

  • Avoid Lost Time & Revenue

    Lost Time & Revenue

    Avoid complex systems that slow you down and eat into profits.

  • Avoid Frustrated Teams

    Frustrated Teams

    Choose user-friendly tools over confusing platforms. Keep your team happy and productive.

  • Avoid Data Disasters

    Data Disasters

    Protect your data. Rely on solid and trustworthy synchronization.

Simplify Financial Reporting

Understanding and managing financials can be daunting. With our integration, you gain clarity, making complex financial data accessible and actionable.

  • Enhanced Management Reports: Dive deep with enriched financial insights.

  • Integrated Cost Allocation: Understand every dime's direction.

  • Clear Production Overviews: Transparency on manufacturing and overhead costs.

Simplify Real-time Transactions

Our integration takes away the guesswork and manual input - so no more incorrect pricing, taxing, or inventory errors. By automating these processes, we free up your team's time and ensure you're always on top of your financials.

  • Instant Transaction Creation: Capture accurate pricing, taxes, and stock details immediately.

  • Seamless System Integration: Transition from Stop Analysis and Trip Reports to streamlined order fulfillment.

  • Smooth Data Flow: No manual input is needed, ensuring precise tracking of receivables and inventory.

Never Lose Track of Your Mobile Sales Team

Staying in sync with a mobile sales team can be a challenge. Equip yourself with tools that not only locate but also optimize their operations.

  • Guided Stops: Each stop for the day can be set up and guided through Google Maps.

  • Insightful Travel Patterns: Analyze and optimize routes for maximum efficiency.

  • Efficient Dispatch System: Save on time and operational costs.

Try Solid Route Accounting™ for Quickbooks

With Solid Route Accounting™, our day is done with a push of a button. All our transactions appear in our office system. What a great feeling knowing that we don't have to sit there and enter them in ourselves." – Khalid, Phone Card Distributor.

Transform Mobile Inventory Management

Inventory chaos can be a distributor's nightmare. Regain control with precision tracking and an innovative approach to stock management.

  • Automated Returns Handling: Effortlessly manage and reroute returned goods.

  • Advanced Scanning Technology: Accurate stock tracking at your fingertips.

  • Rolling Warehouse Concept: Treat each truck as its own inventory hub.

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Accelerate Setup & Empower Your Team

No one likes drawn-out setups or steep learning curves. Discover a streamlined experience designed for rapid deployment and ease of use.

  • Swift Setup Configurations: Jumpstart your operations without hitches.

  • Intuitive User Experience: Minimal training time, maximum output.

  • Easy-to-Teach Platform: Onboard your team seamlessly.

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What used to take hours now takes seconds. All accounts receivable statements are ready to go immediately, accounts receivable became a snap, and I no longer enter invoices till 11:30 at night." – Michelle, Partner, Frozen Food Distributor.

Boost Efficiency in Point-of-Sale Operations

A seamless POS process can make or break customer experiences. Enhance your transactions with flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency at any location.

  • Flexible Transaction Handling: Facilitate sales, returns, and more, anywhere.

  • Automated Data Mapping: Keep track of essential transaction details.

  • Instant Print & Email Options: Cater to client preferences on the spot.

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The biggest benefit of Solid Route Accounting™ has been the accuracy, speed, and ease of use of invoicing." - Kurt, Owner of Home Food Delivery Service.

Route accounting software is a specialized tool designed for distributors and businesses that manage direct store deliveries or pre-sales. It allows for real-time tracking, optimization, and management of sales routes, ensuring streamlined operations, accurate invoicing, and efficient deliveries.

Not at all! Solid Route Accounting™ comes pre-configured to integrate with QuickBooks. Plus, our support team is always ready to guide you through the process.

No. We enhance, not disrupt. Solid Route Accounting™ complements your existing workflows, making them more efficient and automated while still allowing you to retain control.

Data security is our top priority. We utilize advanced encryption and protective measures, ensuring your financial and operational data remains confidential and protected at all times.

Our clients tell us that the majority of their field staff are up and running in few minutes.  Solid Route Accounting is intuitive and user friendly.  Additional training resources are available plus full technical support.

Distributors can benefit from real-time inventory updates, precise transaction handling, tailored reports, and mobile invoicing capabilities—all driven by QuickBooks intelligence. This leads to fewer errors, better customer relationships, and more efficient operations.

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Streamlined operations, enhanced accuracy, and more sales all in one platform. Elevate your distribution process with our Solid Route Accounting™ and QuickBooks integration today.

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