Solid Route Accounting™ provides reliable, easy-to-use, mobile invoicing, inventory control, and management reporting. It is easy to use, fast to implement and is directed by your company's accounting system.

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Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks®

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses and organizations using QuickBooks is to find invoicing and accounting software that integrates with QuickBooks and functions as a stable platform while making invoicing automated, simple, and that focuses on pristine organization. Solid Innovation is proud to offer Solid Route Accounting™, the best mobile accounting software for QuickBooks that provides instant solutions to some of the biggest challenges in finding the right mobile accounting software designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks and helps to foster business growth by automating the accounting process and that offers users perfect organization of all invoices and their open and closed status.

Mobile Invoicing | Route Accounting System

Mobile Invoicing

Accurate, signed, professional transactions are easily created, guided by information from QuickBooks®.

Management Reporting | Route Accounting Software

Management Reporting

Special management reports are included, while reports from QuickBooks® become more accurate.

Location Tracking | Route Accounting

Location Tracking

See where your route salespeople travel.

Accurate Integration

Accurate Integration

Information is set up and maintained in QuickBooks®, is automatically synchronized to our secure servers.

Accurate Inventory Control

Accurate Inventory Control

Accurate inventory control through accurate transaction handling.

Easy Setup & Maintenance

Easy Setup & Maintenance

Default configurations to get you up and running quickly. Staff easily learn the system and are quickly productive.


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  • Customer Invoicing, Order Entry, ROA:
  • - Create accurately priced transactions with signatures
  • - Print/email transactions with credit limit control
  • - Add/edit/delete customers; Call customer; Map to customer
  • Setup and maintain customer, products, prices and taxes in QuickBooks®
  • Transactions automatically enter QuickBooks® with a full audit trail
  • Trip Report with sales and map of travel
  • Stop analysis reporting with sales, profit, and customers visited
  • Full technical support
  • Secure website with management control panel


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  • Standard feature set plus:
  • Customer Route Groups: Group customers by mobile
  • Pictures: Attach pictures to transactions; review in the management console
  • Inventory Item Filters: on a global or per mobile basis
  • No Sale Transactions: record customer stops when there is no sale


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  • Extended feature set plus:
  • Multi-warehouse inventory control with QuickBooks® Enterprise
  • Return goods tracking with reason codes
  • Stock Counts and Stock Transfers
  • Void Transactions and One-time Price Override
  • Lot number tracking
  • Vehicle mileage tracking

Pricing provided is for integration with QuickBooks®:

  1. QuickBooks® desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions 2011 or newer)
  2. QuickBooks® Online

Solid Innovation's Mobile Accounting Software for QuickBooks Provides the Best Solutions for Challenges Faced by Management Reporting

One of many solutions that our mobile accounting software for QuickBooks solves is the accounting challenges that involve collecting, recording, and reporting financial information. When stacking your QuickBooks application with our mobile accounting software, you will get enhanced management reports with more accurate information. The upgrade will enable you to better determine cost allocation methods with the enhanced information provided and offer a clearer view of your manufacturing and production overhead.

Mobile accounting software by Solid Innovation enables users to review all of the critical information in a simple manner to enhance productivity.

Our Accounting Software for QuickBooks Also Provides Real-Time Tracking for Sales Teams

Another big challenge that organizations face is keeping track of their sales team members' location at all times. Our mobile software for QuickBooks will help you keep track of where transactions were created while you see which salespeople were in that area and where they move to next, along with their travel patterns. This will take a lot of time and enable you to improve your customer experience because you won’t have delays while you try reaching your sales teams for location updates and ETAs. This also improves dispatching, which helps to cut back on manpower and operating costs.

Invest in Accounting Software for QuickBooks that Gets You Running Out the Gate

Another challenge that people have with using QuickBooks for accounting tasks is spending too much time training people on how to use the platform and any integrations they may have added. Solid Innovation prioritizes user experience, so we have ensured that using default configurations to get you up and running will be speedy, simple, very easy to teach, and easy for your team to learn.

Automate Your Tasks with Our Mobile Software for Accounting

We know that keeping on top of tasks can complicate things and take up lots of time that could be spent elsewhere within your organization our mobile software for accounting is configured to automatically synchronize to our servers, and transactions are posted to the system in an automated method with the ability to run full reports and see your audit trail. The information included in the automation process includes stock counts, customer data, orders, taxes, prices, stock transfers, product data, and all login credentials. This feature alone will significantly help promote better efficiency and fewer errors (and may even eliminate all errors).

Improve Your Inventory Control with Our Mobile Software for QuickBooks

Inventory control can be very confusing when you have various goods moving around to multiple locations. However, we knew we needed to provide a solution for those with challenges in managing inventory control, so our mobile accounting software for QuickBooks does just that. Our Solid Route Accounting™ promotes accurate inventory control with the accurate handling of transactions, and our platform treats each truck as an independent rolling warehouse when necessary. All returns can use automation technology to instantly reroute them to control warehouses via easy-to-use codes. Mobile computers can even use stock codes with scanning technology.

Use Our QuickBooks Integration Mobile Technology to Speed Up Your POS

Another big challenge that businesses face is their point of sales (POS) system. Solid Innovation has created QuickBooks integrated mobile technology that fosters accurate, signed transactions that are professional and easy to create, regardless of the location, and that is guided by the accounting system’s configuration and how it was set up. Another important feature is that all transactions can be printed or emailed, and these transaction types include returns, credits, sales orders, customer service, stock transfers, and stock counts. You can even use automation technology to map and track the necessary information.

Holding years of experience in route accounting and route accounting software, Solid Innovation is a company you can trust and count on when it comes to all your route accounting system needs. From route accounting software to route accounting software for distributors and so much more, we cover it all when it comes to route accounting products, services, and support. If you have any questions or requirements regarding route accounting software or any other route accounting systems, our team at Solid Innovation is always around to facilitate your requests. Featuring route accounting software for distributors, there are no route accounting projects we cannot handle. As experts in everything related to route accounting software, we pride ourselves on managing a wide variety of route accounting system solutions. Whatever the route accounting circumstances may call for, we can help complete the installation and application process.

Showcasing the absolute best in route accounting system components, Solid Innovation is a company that not only delivers high-quality software but one that keeps a laser focus on attention to detail. Backed by a professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and well-trained staff, you can always feel confident when placing an order on our Solid Innovation website. Dedicated to the entire customer experience when it comes to route accounting software for distributors, there is no detail left out regarding the purchase and delivery of route accounting software. No matter what route accounting system type you are looking for, we have configurations and route accounting components that provide elite performance in a wide variety of financial tracking and production scenarios. Feel free to contact us at any time to go over precisely what you require to complete your next route accounting software business implementation successfully. Regardless of what route accounting software for distributor questions you may have, we are here to help.