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#1 DSD Route Accounting Software for Direct Store Delivery

No more lost sales, manual order placements, or inventory mishaps. Solid Route Accounting™ revolutionizes your DSD operations, ensuring you make the most sales at every stop.

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#1 DSD Route Accounting Software for Direct Store Delivery

We selected Solid’s mobile sales software for its ease of use and the flexibility, and we’re very pleased with the results we’re able to achieve. If you need a DSD route accounting solution that drives productivity, look closely at Solid Route Accounting™." – Joe, Owner of a Craft Brewery.

Direct Store Delivery, Simplified

Direct Store Delivery, Simplified.

Say no to fragmented systems. Manage your direct store delivery with precision and ease, ensuring every delivery hits the mark.

  • Seamless integration with leading accounting software

  • On-the-go inventory adjustments with barcode functionalities

  • Harness the power of Mobile Sales Systems for agile DSD operations

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With the help of Solid Route Accounting™, our company grew from its humble start into a $12 million revenue-generating establishment in just four years.” – Bob, Owner of a Novelty Distribution company.

Analytics to Drive Your DSD Forward.

Dive into intricate reports on every stop and delivery. Recognize your strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Spot-on insights with Stop Analysis and Trip Report

  • Swift order placements showcasing real-time pricing and promotions

  • Crystal-clear, professional receipts for your customers

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We have complete visibility of all inventory, and I believe because of Solid’s software solution, our sales team's productivity is the best in the industry." - Greg, CEO of Novelty Distributor.

Analytics to Drive Your DSD Forward
Supercharge Your Direct Sales

Supercharge Your Direct Sales.

Equip your sales team with tools that resonate with today's DSD landscape. With our Mobile Sales Systems, watch your sales soar and customer satisfaction peak.

  • Route Sheets, Special Price Lists, Approved Product Lists and Custom Questionnaire - all designed for DSD, mobile sales, and van sales

  • Easily expand with more modules as your business grows

  • Maintain complete authority over inventory, pricing, and order adjustments

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By automating our delivery and accounting systems, Solid Route Accounting has enabled us to boost the productivity of our delivery drivers and accounting staff, improve customer service levels, minimize invoice errors, and focus more time on expanding our business into [other] markets." – Ed, Owner of a Heating Company.

Round-the-Clock Support for Your DSD Needs.

Queries? Challenges? We've got your back. Whether it's hands-on assistance or delving into our Solid Know-How™ articles, we ensure you're never in the dark.

  • Protected by a leading cloud computing platform

  • Streamlined order processes with Solid Order Entry™

  • Real-time updates ensuring impeccable accuracy

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Round-the-Clock Support for Your DSD Needs

What DSD Leaders Are Saying

Distributors who transformed their daily grind into a streamlined success with Solid Route Accounting™.

With Solid Route Accounting™, we reduced our accounts receivable from 70 to 17 days.

Jack, Owner, Potato Chip Distributor

The biggest benefit of Solid Route Accounting™ has been the accuracy, speed, and ease of use of invoicing.

Kurt, Owner, Home Food Delivery Service

We are very happy with the Solid Route Accounting™ system. The best support that we encountered, sincere, listening to the client, not blaming the client.

Venita, Plant Distributor

  • Sign Up & Sync

    Sign Up & Sync

    Create an account and integrate existing data. Seamless compatibility with top software.
  • Customize & Configure

    Customize & Configure

    The system is ready out of the box - but you can tailor it to your specific DSD needs with our intuitive dashboard for easy module selection and configuration.
  • Train & Triumph

    Train & Triumph

    Access tutorials and Solid Know-How™. Expert support is always available.

DSD route accounting software is a cutting-edge solution designed for businesses engaging in Direct Store Delivery. Tools like Solid Route Accounting™ merge accounting capabilities with direct delivery management, offering real-time inventory updates, precise delivery scheduling, and comprehensive DSD reporting. 

This fusion guarantees optimized operations, superior customer service, and spot-on financial records, making it indispensable for industries directly serving retail outlets.

Absolutely. Solid Route Accounting™, while rich in features, is designed with user experience in mind. Should you face any challenges, our stellar support team and the Solid Know-How™ articles will ensure a seamless journey for you.

Data protection is our utmost priority. We rely on a leading cloud computing platform, renowned for its world-class security defenses. With us, your data isn't just stored—it's shielded.

While Solid Route Accounting™ offers a streamlined approach to financial tracking and reporting in the DSD landscape, it doesn't render the specialized skills of an accountant obsolete. The software manages the intricacies of daily transactions, providing invaluable insights, but an accountant can offer strategic financial advice and in-depth analysis. Consider Solid Route Accounting™ a tool enhancing your operations, and an accountant as the strategist ensuring your business's financial triumph.

Turn Deliveries into Profit with Solid Route Accounting

Turn Deliveries into Profit with Solid Route Accounting™.

Solid Route Accounting™ isn't just a tool—it's your partner in maximizing DSD potential. Embrace opportunities for enhanced revenue and operational efficiency. Elevate your DSD game.

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