Voiding Transactions

Voiding of transactions allows sales staff to void transactions (invoices, credits and payments) that have not yet been cashed out, which will return the items back into inventory and void the customer transaction. For more information on this optionally licensed feature, please do not hesitate to contact a Solid Product Specialist or call 1-888-667-3769 ext 2.

Enabling the Void Transaction Feature:

Log into SolidRouteAccounting.com:

  1. Select the Setting tab.
  2. Under the Solid Fusion™ Settings section, select Delay for the “Cashout Export Mode” field:

    Voiding Transactions Setting

  3. Then click [Save].

Note: when the Solid Fusion™ export mode is set to Delay, only export cashed out transactions to the ERP system.

Solid Sales Pro™:

You can void a transaction on the 1210 View Transaction screen in Solid Sales Pro™ by tapping on the [Void] button.

If a transaction has already been cashed out, the [Void] button will not be visible.

Solid sales pro

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