Delivery Confirmation is an optionally licensed feature of Solid Route Accounting™.

Delivery Confirmation allows Customer Orders saved within the system (i.e., on another mobile, on this mobile, or in the accounting system) to be assigned to a Mobile Unit for delivery and finalization as an Invoice. During the finalization process, items can be added, deleted, changed, including prices (depending on security settings) to the Customer Order. In addition, sales reps can obtain customer signatures, print invoices, record location, attach pictures, or conduct a custom survey.

When the route salesperson delivers the product using Delivery Confirmation, they are finalizing the original Customer Order as an Invoice. This prevents data entry mistakes and speeds up the delivery processes.

For more information on Delivery Confirmation and how it can benefit your company, please get in touch with  a Solid Product Specialist who will be happy to assist you further.

Since Delivery Confirmation works in conjunction with Customer Orders, please be familiar with creating Customer Orders before proceeding with this article.

How to assign or un-assign Customer Orders for Delivery Confirmation:

  1. Once some Customer Orders have been created, they can be assigned (or unassigned) for Delivery Confirmation within by navigating to [Transactions / Delivery Confirmation].
  2. When looking at a Customer Order in this screen, the 'Send to Mobile' field shows the mobile that this Customer Order will be assigned to that handheld computer's next sync. If this 'Send to Mobile' field is 'None', the order will not be assigned to a mobile.
  3. Perform the following steps for whichever action to be made:
    1. To Assign a Customer Order for Delivery Confirmation: Locate the desired Customer Order and use the drop-down list to assign it to a Mobile Unit number.
    2. To Un-Assign a Customer Order for Delivery Confirmation: Locate the desired Customer Order and select 'None' from the drop-down list. On this mobile's next sync, the Customer Order will be unassigned.
    3. To Re-Assign a Customer Order to a Different Mobile Unit Number: Locate the desired assigned Customer Order and use the drop-down list to change which Mobile Unit number it is assigned.
  4. Save all changes by clicking [Save] and sync the mobile computers to update them with this information.

Once the Customer Orders are synced to the mobile computers for Delivery Confirmation, they can then be modified and finalized as completed invoices. For more information on how to modify and finalize Customer Orders, please read Solid Know How Article #314: How to Modify or Finalize Customer Orders.

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