System Overview

Welcome to Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks® Online.

Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks® Online is made up of 2 parts:

  1. is the web management interface to configure and control your overall system.
  2. Solid Sales Pro™ the mobile application installed on your Android or iOS mobile computer.


Solid Rroute Accounting System Overview

Connecting Solid Route Accounting™ to QuickBooks® Online

  1. Log in to using the [Sign in with Intuit] button
  2. From the Setup Instructions screen, click on the [Connect to QuickBooks®] button
    Connect to QuickBooks Online
  3. If not already logged in, log in to your Intuit account with your Intuit login credentials:
    Intuit Login Page
  4. Select the QuickBooks® company file you want to link to Solid Route Accounting™
    Intuit Select Company File
  5. Click on the [Authorize] button to authorize the connection to Solid Route Accounting™
    Intuit Authorise Company File
  6. The success screen is displayed
    Intuit Company File Connected
  7. Returning to and the Sync Now screen is displayed, which will now import customers, products and pricing from your QuickBooks® Online company file to Solid Route Accounting™.
    Solid Route Accounting Sync Screen

How to install Solid Sales Pro™ onto your mobile computer:

To install Solid Sales Pro™ on your mobile device, please follow the steps outlined in the following Solid Know-How™ article:

Article #290 How to Install Solid Sales Pro™

Quickbooks onlineSolid sales pro

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