Location Tracking

Do you ever wonder where you route salespeople travel? With Solid Route Accounting™ and the appropriate mobile devices, you will be able to generate a Trip Report, which will show you on a map where a salesperson has travelled and what transactions were created along the way.

To generate a Trip Report:

  1. Login to SolidRouteAccounting.com
  2. Navigate to [Reports / Trip]
  3. From the drop-down list, select the mobile to report on
  4. Select a start and end date
  5. Click on [Update]

Trip Report Map

The markers show where the salesperson generated a transaction. Click on the marker to obtain more information:

  1. Transaction number – to view the transaction detail, click on the transaction number
  2. Transaction type
  3. Date and time
  4. Transaction total

Why does my Trip Report not generate a Map?

There could be sevral reasons why no map is generated. The most common cause is that no transaction location data is available for the selected period and mobile.

If you know transactions were created by the selected mobile for the specified period, it means that "Location Services" are not enabled. See the section below for details.

Another reason is that at the time of saving the transaction, the location was not known. This may be due to poor GPS signal reception in built-up areas, or the mobile's GPS did not yet pinpoint an accurate location.

Enabling "Location Services" on a Mobile:

For Android devices

  1. Open the mobile's Settings app
  2. Select [Location services]
  3. Depending on the mobile's capabilities, there are two methods that a device receives location information:
    1. Using Google's location service, which relies on Wi-Fi and mobile networks to get an approximate location
    2. GPS satellites for a more accurate location
  4. Select which method to use for location services.

    Note: using GPS satellites is more battery intensive, and vehicle charging is suggested.

For iOS devices

  1. Tap on [Settings]
  2. Select [Privacy]
  3. Select [Location Services]
  4. Enable Location Services, and if necessary, enable it on the application level for "Sales Pro".
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