Inventory Control

Multi-location Inventory Control is part of the Enterprise Feature set of Solid Route Accounting™, which allows inventory tracking across multiple fixed or mobile sites.

ERP Configuration

For this feature to work optimally, you will need to make the following configuration changes in your accounting system:

  1. Create an inventory site for the main warehouse
  2. Optionally, create an inventory site for any alternate supply warehouses
  3. Create an inventory site for each mobile warehouse
  4. Optionally, one or more damaged returns warehouse

Note for QuickBooks® Users:
This feature requires QuickBooks® Enterprise with Advanced Inventory.

Solid Route Accounting™ Configuration

In Solid Route Accounting™, navigate to the Mobiles screen and assign each mobile the following various warehouses:

  1. Default Warehouse: this is the mobile warehouse for the selected mobile record.
  2. Good Return Warehouse: when products are returned in good condition, this generally means that the item can be resold; they are assigned to this warehouse. Typically, this is the same as the Default Warehouse.
  3. Damaged Return Warehouse: when products are returned in damaged or expired condition, they will be returned to this warehouse.
  4. Order Supply Warehouse: when creating Orders on the mobile, it generally means that the salesperson does not have sufficient stock on hand to fulfill a customer's order and will need to have the order fulfilled by the Main/Supply Warehouse.

    Warehouse Selection

Please see Article #329 Multiple Return Warehouses to configure multiple return warehouses based on item category/product line/department.

For details on how to take product returns in Solid Sales Pro™, please see Article #295 Taking Product Returns with Return Code.

Inventory Management

Now that Solid Route Accounting™ has been configured for multi-location inventory control, the document Solid Inventory Management Start Guide describes the process of implementing Inventory Management in your company.

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