When route salespeople accept product returns, they can assign a return code to these products, and the system can make the necessary inventory adjustment based on this return code. For more information on this optionally licensed feature, please do not hesitate to contact a Solid Product Specialist or call 1-888-667-3769 ext 2.


Log into SolidRouteAccounting.com:

  1. Navigate to the Mobiles screen and select the corresponding mobile.
  2. Under the Handheld Information section, you can specify various warehouses:

    Note: for QuickBooks® users, to specify different warehouses; you will need QuickBooks® Enterprise with Advanced Inventory.

    1. Default Warehouse: This allows you to map/assign one of the QuickBooks® warehouses to this mobile record.
    2. Good Return Warehouse: when products are returned in good condition, this generally means that the item can be resold; they are assigned to this warehouse. Typically, this is the same as the Default Warehouse.
    3. Damaged Return Warehouse: when products are returned in damaged or expired condition, they will be returned to this warehouse.
    4. Order Supply Warehouse: when creating Orders on the mobile, it generally means that the Sales Person does not have sufficient stock on hand to fulfill a customer's order and will need to have the order fulfilled by the Main/Supply Warehouse.
      Warehouse Selection

Taking Returns in Solid Sales Pro™:

With Return Codes Tracking enabled, the 1130 Selected Items screen will show 4 categories of items:

  1. Sales
  2. Returns - Damaged
  3. Returns - Expired
  4. Returns - Good
    1130 Selected Items Screen

To quickly add items with a particular return code, open the category and tap on [Add]. All returns, i.e. negative quantities, added on the 1131 Add Items screen will have the selected return code to the item. Note: the chosen return code is also displayed next to the screen title, e.g. 1131 Add Items - Returns - Expired.

If you only have very few return items or you need to assign a different return code, open the 1135 Item Details screen by tapping on the right arrow ">" and select or change the desired return code.

Solid sales pro

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