In Solid Route Accounting™, you can apply filter criteria to reduce the number of inventory items that are downloaded to mobile devices.

There are two methods of filtering items that are sent to the mobile:

  1. One global filter that applies to all mobiles, or
  2. A filter applied to each mobile individually

To apply the global filter, open the Settings screen or apply a per-mobile filter on the Handhelds screen on

  1. For the Item Filter Field, select the field the filter should be applied to. You have the option of filtering on Item Name (part number), Item Description or Item Group (category/department)
  2. Next, select the Item Filter Mode. You have the options of choosing: starts with, containing, not containing, ends with, or for more complex criteria, a regex.
  3. Lastly, enter the Item Filter Value.

Some examples:

If you do not want to send raw materials used to make your goods to the mobile, you could use the following filter:

    Group    not containing    Supplies

If there is a specific subset of items that you sell via your mobile sales, you can append ~ to all these item part numbers and use the following filer:

    Name    ends with    ~

Note: if either the Item Filter Field or the Item Filter Mode is set to "All Items" or the Item Filter Value is blank, all items are sent to the mobile!

Note: if a global and a per-mobile filter are set, these criteria will be combined, and only items that match both sets of criteria will be sent to the mobile!

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