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Solid Route Accounting™ offers ways to control customer routes, as well as the order of customer visitation. If there is a need to confirm that customers who have purchased no items were visited, this can best be accomplished by creating a 'No Sale' transaction.

This feature is part of the Extended or Enterprise Feature set of Solid Route Accounting™. Please get in touch with a Solid Product Specialist or call 1-888-667-3769 ext 2 for more information.


Solid Route Accounting™ comes preconfigured with a few standard reason codes that can be used on a No Sale transaction. However, you can easily add or edit reason codes for No Sales transactions from the web-based Management Console,

To edit or add to this list:

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to the [Lists / Reason Code] menu
  3. From the Reason Code List screen, you can customize the reason codes applicable to your business.
    Reason Code List
  4. To create a new reason code, click on the [Create New] button, enter the reason and click on [Save]
  5. To edit or delete an existing reason, click on the reason and then use the [Edit] or [Delete] buttons

Each mobile can use configured to use No Sale transactions. To enable this feature for a particular mobile:

  1. Navigate to [Mobiles]
  2. Select the mobile to edit
  3. Click on [Edit]
  4. Enable the "Allow No Sale Transactions" checkbox
  5. Click on [Save]

Now synchronize the mobile for these new settings to take effect.


  1. No Sale transactions are visible in all reports
  2. No Sale transactions are not exported to the ERP system

Solid Sales Pro™

When a mobile is allowed to create No Sale transactions, the 1100 Create Transaction screen will have a [No Sale] button. Tapping this button will take you to the 1161 Reason Code screen where, the sales rep selects one of the predefined reasons.

1100 Create Transaction Screen with No Sale Button

Note: a No Sale transaction cannot have any item on it; as soon as you add an item to the transaction, the [No Sale] button changes to a [Save] button to save the transaction as usual.

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