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Article #272 How to enable Customer Jobs support in Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks

Customer Jobs: Customer Jobs are now being imported from QuickBooks® into Solid Route Accounting™ as “Branch” customers of the main or “Head Office” customer record. These customer records will then display on the mobile Solid Sales Pro™ handheld program for selection and sales/order creation. To enable Customer Jobs:

  1. Start Solid Mobile Central™
  2. Select menu path [Company / Configuration]
  3. Click on the [Fusion] tab
  4. Check off the “Enable Customer Job Support” option and click on [Apply]
  5. Start Solid Fusion™ and click on [Run] to perform a full data exchange with your QuickBooks® company file.
  6. Start Solid MultiConnect™ and sync all mobile handheld devices.

Last modified on Thursday, 15 February 2018 16:52

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  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central
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