Using Solid Route Accounting™ is all about one thing, automation, reducing the amount of human work to focus on getting more clients and sales for your business.

Accounting software like QuickBooks offers excellent tools for advanced pricing, but unfortunately, they do not support these tools to be integrated with any 3rd party software. However, Solid Route Accounting™ provides an easy-to-use interface to insert your special pricing rules. Now you can ensure that the prices you promised to give to your customer or customer groups are correctly applied in Solid Sales Pro™.

Solid Route Accounting ™ provides 5 different price adjustment options:

  1. Item cost plus a dollar amount
  2. Item cost plus a markup percentage
  3. List price minus a discount percentage
  4. List price minus discount dollar amount
  5. Item specific prices

For more information and pricing on this optionally licensed feature, please do not hesitate to contact a Solid Innovation Product Specialist.

Follow the instructions below to create Special Price Lists (SPL) for your customers.

Creating a Special Price List

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to [Lists / Pricing & APL]
  3. Click on the [Create New]
  4. Provide a descriptive name for this SPL and click on [Next]
  5. On the Main tab
    1. Optionally enter a start and end date.
      Special Pricing - Main screen
  6. On the Customers tab, select whether the SPL applies to All customers, selected Customer Groups or selected Customers.
    1. Use the arrow buttons to select Customer Groups or Customers applicable for this SPL for the two latter options.
      Special Pricing - Customer screen
  7. Use the arrow buttons on the Item Groups tab to select which Item Groups are in this SPL.
  8. On the Items tab, use the arrow buttons to select which Item Groups are in this SPL.
  9. You can select the pricing method that will apply to this SPL on the Prices tab.
    1. Enter the dollar amount or percentage when choosing any cost plus or list minus pricing methods.
    2. When choosing the item-specific pricing method, return to the Items tab and enter your special prices in the Selected Items section box.
      Special Pricing - Items screen
  10. When done configuring the APL, click on [Save].

Modifying a Special Price List

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to [Lists / Pricing & APL]
  3. Click the SPL you want to modify
  4. The system will display the current Special Price List details
  5. To make changes click on the [Edit] button
  6. Make the necessary change in any of the tabs:
    1. Main - name, start and end dates
    2. Customer - select the customers this SPL applies to
    3. Item Groups - select the item groups that apply to this SPL
    4. Items - select any individual item that applies to this SPL
    5. Pricing - select the pricing method
  7. When done editing the SPL, click on [Save]
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