Note this Solid Know-How™ article applies to Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks Online. For other integrations, please refer to Article #282 How to Create Customer Route Groups?

Customer Route Groups (CRG) are numbers that can be assigned to customer records to group them for sales, reporting and routing purposes.

By assigning a single CRG to a mobile unit record, for example, only customers belonging to that CRG will be visible on the route sales person's mobile, which speeds up how quickly they can find their current stop from within their customer list.

A customer can only be assigned to a single CRG. However, multiple CRGs can be assigned to a single mobile unit record, and a single CRG can be allocated to multiple mobile unit records, allowing for greater flexibility in assigning customers to route salespeople.

For more information and pricing on this optionally licensed feature, please do not hesitate to contact a Solid Innovation Product Specialist.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to create and assign new CRGs.

Create a new Customer Route Group

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to [Lists / Customer Route Group]
  3. Click on the [Create New]
  4. Give the CRG a descriptive name, and click on [Next]
    Customer Route Group - Edit screen
  5. In the Customer List selection box, search/filter for the customers you want to assign to this CRG
  6. Double click on the customer or use the right arrow button to assign them to this CRG
    Note: A customer can only belong to one CRG. If a customer already belongs to a CRG, the system will warn you and ask if you want to reassign this customer:
    Customer Route Group - Warning pop up
  7. When done, click on [Save]

Modify a Customer Route Group

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to [Lists / Customer Route Group]
  3. Click the CRG you want to modify
  4. The system will display all the customers currently assigned to this CRG.
    Customer Route Group - Details screen
  5. To make changes click on the [Edit] button
  6. To add more customers, select the customer in the Customer List selection box and double-click or use the right arrow.
  7. Select the customer in the Selected Customer selection box, double-click, or use the left arrow to remove customers.
  8. When done editing the CRG, click on [Save].
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