Some customers may require you to display the agreed discount on each transaction. This can easily be achieved with our Default Customer Discount feature.

QuickBooks® Configuration

To add the Default Customer Discount to your customer records, you must set up a Custom Field for your Customers:

  1. Open the Customer Center from the main menu [Customers / Customer Center]
  2. Select one of the following:
    1. Create a new Customer
    2. Edit an existing Customer
  3. Click on the [Additional Info] tab
  4. Click [Define Fields]
  5. In the Label column, enter a name such as "Discount".
  6. Put a checkmark on the Use for: Cust column, then click [Ok].
  7. Now proceed with inputting a default Customer Discount for each customer or customer job.
  8. Run Solid Fusion™ so that your changes are uploaded to and are made available for the next step. Settings

Next, log into

  1. Select the [Settings] tab
  2. In the Solid Fusion™ Settings section, select the newly created QuickBooks® custom field from the drop-down list for the "Customer Default Discount Field".
    Default Customer Discount Setting
  3. Click on [Save]

Now, on your office computer, open Solid Fusion™ and click on [Sync Now] to import the default Customer Discount data from the QuickBooks® customer records.

Solid Sales Pro™

Once the mobiles have synced, and the salesperson creates a transaction for a customer with a default discount assigned in QuickBooks®, Solid Sales Pro™ will pre-populate this value into the transaction's discount field.

If necessary, the salesperson can modify this Discount on the 1120 Set Bill Options screen.

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