To connect your mobile printer in Solid Sales Pro™, proceed as follows:

  1. Select [Printer Settings] from the Main Menu in Solid Sales Pro™
  2. For Android devices
    1. Tap on [Choose Bluetooth Device]
    2. On the 4011 Printer Chooser screen, the device will now scan for nearby Bluetooth devices.
    3. Select your printer.
  3. For iOS devices
    1. Use the devices Settings app to pair your Bluetooth printer
    2. Tap on [Choose Bluetooth Device]
    3. On the 4011 Printer Chooser screen, the device will list all your paired Bluetooth printers.
    4. Select your printer.
  4. Solid Sales Pro™ will populate the device address.
  5. Set the printer manufacturer and model to correspond to your printer
  6. To check your settings, tap on [Print Test Page]


  1. The Zebra ZQ500 Series mobile printer is not discoverable when scanning for Bluetooth printers.
    1. To enter "Limited Pairing Mode", which turns on limited discoverability and pairing window to users with physical access to the printer, hold the feed key for 5 seconds, and the printer enters limited pairing mode for 2 minutes.
  2. You get the message, "Unable to connect to the printer."
    1. Check that your printer is turned on. Alternatively, turn the printer off and on again.
  3. You get the message, "Bluetooth adapter is not enabled."
    1. Turn on Bluetooth on your device or turn off airplane mode.
  4. You get the message, "No Device: You must select a device before printing".
    1. Use the [Choose Bluetooth Device] button to select your printer.
  5. What if the test page print is garbled?
    1. The most likely cause is that you selected the incorrect printer manufacturer or model. Correct your selection and print another test page.
  6. You get the message, "The cover of the printer is open"
    1. Please close the printer cover, and try printing again.
  7. You get the message, "The printer is out of paper".
    1. Please add more paper, and try printing again.
  8. You get the message, "The printer's battery is low."
    1. Please connect your printer to power to charge the battery.
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