For clients considering using newer iPhones (i.e. iPhone 11 and more recent), we have confirmed that Wi-Fi printing does not work under all circumstances. Further, the issue lies in the hardware layer. This means we cannot fix this problem.

Our research shows that Apple is aware of the issue and has not fixed it to date. Since the information from Apple is so sparse, we conclude they are not likely to fix this.

Consequently, since we cannot do anything inside the equipment, and should you wish to use iPhones, see our recommendations below.

  1. Switch to Email printing:
    1. The easiest option, however, training your customers may be necessary.
    2. Article #300 How to Configure Email Settings
  2. Switch to Bluetooth printing:
    1. Bluetooth printing has proven to be superior to Wi-Fi printing.
    2. Zebra RW420 printers, as with all enterprise-grade printers, must be ordered with Bluetooth capabilities pre-installed to support Bluetooth.
    3. Alternative printer Zebra ZQ521 (p/n ZQ52-BUW0000-00)
  3. Implement an infrastructure Wi-Fi network by adding a router to the truck:
    1. This option is more complex to maintain.
  4. Continue to use only older iPhone devices (e.g. iPhone XR, the iPhone 10 series' latest release):
    1. A temporary measure at best, due to hardware longevity, they will need to be replaced with a newer model eventually.

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