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Article #207 There is an Invalid Reference to QuickBooks Class '001' in the Invoice.

Description: When Solid Fusion reports ‘Errors occurred during Export!!’ and by clicking on the [View Log] button, the error given inside the Solid Fusion Log is as follows:
ERROR: Result from QuickBooks Add Invoice: "There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Class "001" in the Invoice. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list." (Where ‘001’ is the mobile unit record that created the problematic transaction).

Typically for new mobile unit records, Solid Fusion will create a ‘Class’ inside QuickBooks that matches that new mobile unit record’s number to help identify any transactions that it creates. For whatever reason though, this QuickBooks company file may not be configured to allow new classes to be created properly.

Resolution: To resolve this, we must manually create the ‘Class’ in QuickBooks that matches the Class number given in the Solid Fusion Log error (in the above example, it’s ‘001’).

  1. Open the QuickBooks company file and from the menu at the top, select [Edit / Preferences].
  2. Once the ‘Preferences’ window opens, from the options along the left select ‘Accounting’ and change over to the ‘Company Preferences’ tab. Ensure that the ‘Use class tracking’ option is checked, and the option beneath it of ‘Prompt to assign classes’ is unchecked. Use the [OK] button to save any changes.
  3. Now that Class Tracking has been verified as enabled, we can now create the needed Classes. From the menu options along the top, select [Lists / Class List]. Once the ‘Class List’ window opens, select [Class / New] to create a new class.
  4. In the ‘Class Name’ field, enter in the mobile unit number that was given in the Solid Fusion Log, such as ‘001’ from the above example, and then use the [OK] button to accept it. This new class number should now be added to the ‘Class List’. The ‘Class List’ window can now be closed.
  5. Now open Solid Fusion and use the [Run] button to try exporting those transactions once again. Now that the matching class exists, the transactions should integrate into QuickBooks.

If the above instructions fail to resolve this issue, please contact a Solid Innovation Customer Service Representative who’ll be happy to further assist you.

Last modified on Friday, 16 February 2018 11:09

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  • Software Components: Solid Fusion
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