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Article #204 The Given Object ID "" In the Field "List ID" is Invalid

Description: Solid Fusion is reporting ‘Errors occurred during Export!!’. When the [View Log] button is used, the error is reported as, "ERROR: Result from QuickBooks Add Invoice: “The given object ID “” in the field “list id” is invalid”.” This is caused when an inventory item included on a handheld computer’s un-synced invoice has been made ‘Inactive’ in the QuickBooks company file. When Solid Fusion tries to integrate that invoice into QuickBooks, it then can’t locate that inactive item, which causes this error.

Resolution: If the inactive item which is causing this problem is known, try reactivating that item within the QuickBooks company file and [Run] Solid Fusion once again.

If reactivating this item does not resolve this, then the utility program ‘XID-FIX.EXE’ should be used to repair this, which can be acquired by contacting a Solid Innovation Customer Service Representative.

Prevention: If an item or customer record is to be made inactive in QuickBooks:

  1. Sync all handheld computers and suspend their operations temporarily.
  2. In QuickBooks, make the needed records Inactive.
  3. Open and [Run] Solid Fusion.
  4. Sync all the handheld computers and resume operations.

NOTE: This issue has been repaired in versions of Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks newer than version 10.0.0

Last modified on 16 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Fusion
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