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Article #173 How to Hard Reset a Symbol SPT 1800 or SPT 1700 to Factory Settings?

SPT1800Answer: The following describes how to perform a hard reset on a Symbol SPT 1800 / 1700 series of handheld computer. This process will erase all the information contained on the handheld computer and reset its memory to the factory settings. This can not be undone and should only be performed on handheld computers that contain no unsaved data.

Once a handheld computer has been hard reset, it’s necessary to reinitialize it with a mobile unit record before Solid Sales Pro can be used once again. For this reason, only administrators who know how to reinitialize a mobile unit record should perform a hard reset, as guided by the steps below. If a mistake is made, start again from the first step:

  1. Begin by removing the battery cover off the back of the handheld computer. Do not remove the battery! There should be a small black button marked ‘Reset’ at the bottom right of the unit when looking at its back. Also locate the red power button, which is located at the bottom-left of the handheld computer when looking at the front.
  2. Hold down the red power button.
  3. While holding down the power button, press and release the Reset button once, which will restart the Symbol.
  4. When ‘Palm Powered’ displays on the screen, let go of the power button. The text, “Erase all data?” will display.
  5. Press up (increment) on the kidney shaped Increment/Decrement buttons located on either side of the yellow circular scan button at the top of the handheld computer to answer ‘Yes’ to this question.
  6. Replace the battery cover and the handheld computer will then guide you through the initial setup screens, as they do when powered on for the first time.

Once past the initial setup screens, there are some preferences that should be verified or adjusted on the Symbol to ensure that it will work with Solid Route Accounting once again.

  1. From the ‘Applications’ menu (aka: House), select ‘Prefs’ to access the Preferences.
  2. If it doesn’t open automatically to ‘Date & Time’, tap on the wording in the top right corner to get the Preferences Options Menu, and from this menu select ‘Date & Time’. Verify that the date and time information is correct.
  3. Next, tap on the wording in the top right corner once again to get the Preferences Options Menu and this time select ‘Formats’. Ensure that the ‘Date’ format is that of ‘M/D/Y’.
  4. Now use the ‘House’ button to return to the applications screen.

Once the initial setup screens are completed, the handheld computer is ready to be reinitialized. For information on how to reinitialize a mobile unit record, please read Article #159 How to Re-Initialize a Handheld Computer or Initialize it for the First Time.

Last modified on 27 Apr 2018

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