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Article #174 How to Clean Boot (Hard Reset) an HP iPAQ 211 or 214 to Factory Settings?

HP iPAQ 211Answer: The following describes how to perform a Clean Boot on an HP iPAQ 211 or 214 series of handheld computer. This process, also known as a ‘Cold Boot’ or ‘Hard Reset’, will erase all the information contained on the handheld computer and reset its memory to the factory settings. This can not be undone and should only be performed on handheld computers that contain no unsaved data.

Once a handheld computer has had a Clean Boot, it’s necessary to reinitialize it with a mobile unit record before Solid Sales Pro can be used once again. For this reason, only administrators who know how to reinitialize a mobile unit record should perform a Clean Boot, as guided by the steps below. Although possible with one person, due to the complicated button sequence these steps are best performed by two people; one person to hold down the required buttons, and the other to press the ‘Reset’ button. If a mistake is made, start again from the first step:

  • Locate the ‘Voice Recorder’ button on the left side of the unit. It’s indicated by a small audio cassette symbol and is a rectangular button.
  • On the front of the unit, near the bottom, locate the ‘Start/Windows’ button, as well as the ‘OK’ button.
  • On the right side of the unit, locate the small, inset white ‘Reset’ button. The stylus will be necessary to press this button, when instructed to do so below.
  1. Hold down the ‘Voice Recorder’ button, followed by the ‘Start/Windows’ button and the ‘OK’ button.
  2. While those three buttons are held down, use a stylus to press and release the ‘Reset’ button. This will turn off the screen.
  3. Continue holding down the three buttons from step 1 for about two seconds after the screen shuts off, and then release them. After a short time, the handheld computer should show the iPAQ HP start up screen, with the words ‘CLEAN BOOT…’ written in green letters above ‘iPAQ’. If you do not see this ‘Clean Boot’ message, then begin at step 1 again.

Once the initial setup screens are completed, the handheld computer is ready to be reinitialized. For information on how to reinitialize a mobile unit record, please read Article #159 How to Re-Initialize a Handheld Computer or Initialize it for the First Time.

Last modified on 11 Oct 2018

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