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Article #212 Customer Street Address Not Showing on Invoices - Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks

Answer: Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks is manually configured to look at a single specific line inside the Customer Records within the QuickBooks company file for the street address. If this line contains no information, then no address will be printed. Worse yet, if this line contains other information such as a customer’s name, then that information will print instead! Thankfully this is an easy setup to verify and just as easy to fix, if need be.

  1. Open the QuickBooks company file, and view a Customer Record.
  2. In the ‘Addresses’ area, look at the billing and shipping addresses. Make a note of what line the street address is contained in. View other Customer Records and find the most common line number that the street address is contained in. In most companies, this is the second or third line. Once that common line number has been decided, ensure that all Customer Records have their street address on that same common line number.
  3. Now, in Solid Mobile Central, navigate to [Company / Configuration / Fusion] and set the ‘Line # that address is contained in’ field to the most common line number as found from Step 2 above. Use the [Apply] button to save this change and then open and [Run] Solid Fusion. On the handheld computer’s next sync, the street addresses should now print properly.
Address Line Number

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  • Software Components: Solid Mobile Central
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