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Article #318 Day/Trip End Cash Out Reports

The Cash Out Report generated from within Solid Sales Pro™ is intended to report on all invoices, credits and payments created at the end of a work period (day or trip).

After each day of work, establishing a day end procedure will help in reconciling the work done for that period, and help to safe-guard that work from being lost or tampered with. By printing out the Cash Out Report and syncing the mobile, the proper reporting will be generated and the mobile's transactions will be saved permanently into the Solid Route Accounting™ business system.

Note: Regardless if the cash out is completed, the transactions will still be saved to the management console. In the case where voiding of transaction has been enabled, only cashed out transaction are exported the ERP system; if not all transactions are exported regardless of cash out status. For more information see Article#304 How to Enable Voiding of Transactions.

Generating the Cash Out Report from In Solid Sales Pro™

  1. On the 0000 Main Menu inside Solid Sales Pro™, select [Day/Trip End]. The 3100 Cash Out screen will list all the transactions they created since the last cash out.

    3100 Cashout Screen
  2. By using [Finalize], Solid Sales Pro™ will sync the data to the cloud and then display the 3110 Cash Out View screen from where you can print or email the cash out report by tapping on [Print].

    Note: as this report contain financial information, it can only be emailed to the "Cashout Email Address" defined in the Settings.

    3110 Cashout View Screen

Viewing and Reprint Cash Out Reports

  1. From Solid Sales Pro™:
    1. To view or re-print previous Cash Out Reports tap the [List] button on the 3100 Cash Out screen
  2. From SolidRouteAccounting.com:
    1. Navigate to [Transactions / Cash Out]
    2. Select the desired Cash Out Report

Last modified on 15 Feb 2018

Additional Info

  • Software Components: Solid Sales Pro
  • Business Systems: Cloud Edition
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