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Article #137 Can I Create My Own Barcode List with My Own Numbers?

Answer: Companies that sell product without existing barcodes can absolutely create their own. Because Solid Route Accounting business systems do not verify entered barcodes against any global or regional database, the only restriction is to ensure that every barcode entered into Solid Route Accounting is unique, as duplicates are not allowed. Also, we recommend using UPC-A type of barcodes that are 12 numeric digits long, with no spaces or punctuation.

Although there’s no barcode generating program built into Solid Route Accounting, there are many barcode creation software available online for purchase and download. Check with your regional laws regarding using unregistered barcodes and barcode registration procedures.

Last modified on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 09:51

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central, Solid Sales Pro
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