Answer: After a customer's payment has been received and posted onto their account, we are often asked how to print a report to show exactly how much has been paid over a time period and what all invoices were paid along with it. The solution to this question lies in one of the most powerful reports available in Solid Route Accounting™ - Enterprise Edition of the Bill Analysis Report. This powerful report can not only cover a broad range of reporting needs. Still, it can be tailored to report on a specific sales transaction type, including Received On Account (ROA) payments, for any desired date range.

  1. To begin, in Solid Business Central™, navigate to [Accounting / Report / Bill Analysis]. Set '00' for the workstation and '000' for the route numbers, unless this report is to be more restrictive than All ROA transactions, and use [CTRL+END] to accept these settings.
  2. For 'Choose Order', select [Date] and set the starting and end date for this report to cover. Notice that this report can also be set for a range of transaction numbers by choosing [Number] instead.
  3. 'Print Bill Info', when set to Y, will print a one-line summary of each ROA created within the set period, including the transaction number, date of creation, ROA amount, and grand totals at the bottom.
  4. 'Print Item Detail', when set to Y, will also print what all invoices make up each ROA's total, along with each invoice's amount paid, the invoice number, and the customer number that the invoice belongs to.
  5. Set 'Include ALL bills or one type' to 'R' for ROA. This will include only the ROA type of transactions for that period.
  6. All other fields will not affect this report. When ready, use [CTRL+END] to print this report.
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