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The modern-day distributor faces a revolving door of challenges that must be continually addressed and overcome to maintain healthy business operations. Logistics, warehouse management, and compliance with legal regulations are just a few of the issues that must be dealt with on an ongoing basis, and a weakening, inflation-prone economy only adds to these difficulties.

Now more than ever, it is vitally important for distributors to leverage the power of technology to streamline operations and stay competitive in a demanding business environment. More and more distributors are discovering that old-fashioned, cumbersome spreadsheets and databases are no longer adequate for their needs. That undoubtedly explains why many distribution companies have embraced the popular Sage 100 enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Sage 100 bills itself as a "complete business management solution," offering a range of tools that includes but is not limited to automated bank reconciliation, credit card processing, cloud connectivity, customizable UIs, invoicing, key performance indicator (KPI) reporting, job cost tracking, and much more. These features have made Sage 100 the preferred choice in ERP software for all sorts of businesses, from the automotive industry to the financial services field—as well as the distribution sector.

Many distributors use Sage 100 to help analyze inventory, track quotes, store past purchase data, and gain greater visibility across all aspects of their business. All this helps distributors enjoy the benefits of increased operational efficiency. But wouldn’t it be ideal if there was specialized software that could extend the capabilities of Sage 100?

That's where Solid Route Accounting™ comes into the picture. It is first-rate Sage 100 mobile accounting software for distributors, with several features that can support many common business functions in this field.

Solid Route Mobile Accounting Software: The Basics

The Solid Innovation® team developed Solid Route Mobile Accounting Software specially engineered for integration with Sage 100. This very user-friendly software is also easy to set up, with various default configurations that enable the operator to get started with minimal fuss. It takes only a few steps to install Solid Route Accounting™ for Sage 100.

What really sets Solid Route Accounting™ apart from the pack, though, is its suite of efficiency-enhancing features that distributors can use to stay on top of their business operations. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this accounting software for distributors.

Features and Benefits of Solid Route Accounting™

Solid Route Accounting™ for Sage 100 provides distributors with the full range of tools needed to ensure that important transactions are performed promptly and free of errors. These features include:

●    Automated Processes

With Solid Route Accounting™, it's possible to substantially boost productivity and lower administration costs by ensuring tasks are completed automatically. Many Solid Route features and options—such as location tracking and order email confirmations—are automated, making user intervention frequently unnecessary. This is an important labor-saving benefit that aids in reducing the number of steps needed to be performed by a human operator. It also helps eliminate errors that can occur from manually inputting data.

●    Inventory Control

It goes without saying that keeping track of inventory levels and juggling purchase orders in an accurate manner is essential for any distribution company. Solid Route Accounting™ offers a variety of mobile tools that make inventory management simple and pain-free. It includes item barcode scanning, special pricing options, and product filters that can prevent superfluous data from being downloaded to a device. The user can also easily assign return codes on items that customers have rejected.

Enterprise users can access additional inventory management options, such as multi-warehouse inventory tracking and viewing site-specific planograms.

●    Transaction Assistance

Solid Route Accounting™ gives users plenty of options for recording and facilitating transactions in the field. It's designed to enable invoicing virtually anywhere via mobile devices, so the user is not restricted to traditional desktop/laptop operations. As long as an internet connection is accessible, it's possible to transmit invoices. Enterprise users can utilize additional options, including monitoring the transfer of stock between warehouses and void transactions that have yet to be processed.

●    Management Reporting

GPS-enabled devices and Solid Route Accounting™ software allow managers to track the doings of employees who are out in the field. It provides trip reports and maps displaying where workers have traveled, and which transactions were completed. A similar feature is the Stop Analysis Report; this shows which times a customer has been visited by a company employee and how much gross profit has been generated due to these transactions.

●    Customer Data

Users can easily add and edit customer-related information right from their mobile devices and can even call a client through Solid Sales Pro™. There's also the option for the customer to fill out a survey (via the optionally licensed Solid Survey™) that can be tailored to collect the kind of information that suits your business needs. The software stores all this data securely for convenient access. Another useful feature is the ability to create Customer Route Groups (CRGs) for routing and reporting purposes.

●    Support Services

Solid Innovation is committed to ensuring you get the most out of your software investment. To that end, we provide email and telephone support to help you get to the bottom of your problem. You can also search our Solid Know How™ Knowledge Base, containing literally hundreds of articles, for more information about setting up and using our products.

When everything is added up, Solid Route Accounting™ is clearly the ideal accounting software for distributors. The software helps boost your bottom line—by increasing efficiency, collecting vital data, facilitating transactions, tracking inventory, monitoring routes, and, in sum, streamlining the varied processes required to keep your business performing at peak capacity.

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