Why Small Businesses Should Use Solid Route Accounting for QuickBooks

Intuit's QuickBooks is enormously popular among small businesses that need high-quality accounting and bookkeeping software designed for the demands of the modern workplace. With QuickBooks, businesses have ready access to a wide-ranging suite of finance and accounting tools, including customized invoicing, financial reports, expense tracking, payroll management, sales tax calculator, and much more.

QuickBooks' well-integrated apps and features all add up to a comprehensive accounting solution that represents a huge advance over traditional paper-based bookkeeping methods. It’s no wonder why this software package has become so commonplace in the small business sector—more than five million users worldwide rely on QuickBooks as an accounting aid.

Yet QuickBooks has limitations. Some business sectors have industry-specific needs that are not met by the software in its current state. That’s why Intuit has encouraged third-party entities to develop add-on software that can be integrated with QuickBooks and extend or improve upon certain functions. When it comes to third-party accounting software designed for integration with QuickBooks, there is no better choice than Solid Route Accounting™ from Solid Innovation. It is widely considered the best mobile accounting software for QuickBooks on the market.

Solid Route Accounting™ is a mobile software package that empowers field agents to perform a wide range of transaction-related tasks wherever they are—instead of delaying these activities until they get back into the office. Every salesperson in the field with a web-connected mobile device has instant access to the same platform, with which updates can be made instantaneously. This convenience of access provided by this mobile accounting software for QuickBooks enables the kind of rapid data processing that is increasingly necessary in a 24/7 business world.

Benefits of Our QuickBooks Mobile Accounting Software

Time is money, as the saying goes, and it’s especially true for small businesses that so often operate on thin profit margins. Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks provides a number of labor-saving features that can enable small businesses to boost their operational efficiency and reduce expenses.

A full range of mobile-enabled transactions - In today’s fast-paced world, Excel just isn’t enough for businesses that need to update their business data as soon as transactions are completed. Users can make updates immediately with Solid Route Accounting™ via their web-enabled mobile devices. For instance, customer invoices with signatures can be entered “in the field,” no matter where the operator is located. Data is automatically synced up with our cloud-based servers. This helps reduce lag time associated with invoice processing. All transactions include a full audit trail for later analysis.

Real-Time Inventory Management - It goes without saying that tracking inventory accurately is a pressing concern for many QuickBooks users. With Solid Route Accounting™, it’s possible not only to track this data in real time, but also to generate purchase orders and reports that permit the user to meet all their inventory needs. The ability to post transactions immediately via mobile device ensures that stock data is always up to date.

Trip reports - Solid Route Accounting™ allows managers to track the doings of their salespeople and other employees out on the road. The software provides an easy-to-view map of each salesperson's travels during the day, including spots where transactions were entered into the system. Tracking is done in real time, so managers have the information they need to adjust salesperson journeys on the spot to address shifting conditions in the field.

Data automation - By automatically inputting data and performing necessary calculations, Solid Route Accounting™ reduces the incidence of errors that can arise due to handwritten invoices. It also aids in billing efficiency, as automating this task results in faster payments and reduction of accounts receivable windows. All this frees up sales reps and allows them to rack up more transactions during the day. As a result, overall administrative costs can decrease dramatically.

Management reports - Solid Route Accounting™ generates a variety of reports that management staff can scrutinize to find business operational issues that should be addressed, in addition to enabling easy auditing for legal purposes. Reports can be customized according to the preferences of the management team.

Professional presentation - Using mobile-enabled software to facilitate on-the-spot transactions with state-of-the-art technology helps field agents maintain a professional image while doing their rounds.

These features extend the capabilities of QuickBooks and transform it into a truly complete accounting solution for the contemporary small business.

Setting Up Our Mobile Accounting Software for QuickBooks

Solid Innovation has created this software with user-friendliness in mind—it’s both easy to launch and easy to operate. There’s no long learning curve to eat up valuable time. Solid Route Accounting™ comes with default settings that permit the user to get started right out of the box. Once they’ve become more familiar with the software, the user can customize settings to conform with the particular operational needs of their business.

Users of our QuickBooks mobile accounting software also have access to various support services offered by the Solid Innovation team. These include:

Remote online support - We use secure HTTPS connections to connect to your computer and diagnose the problem. We always ask for explicit permission from users before entering their systems.

Email and telephone support - Customers can call Solid Innovation at (888) 667-3769 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, Central Standard Time (CST). (There is limited support after hours for emergencies.) Email support is available as well, with the vast majority of requests being answered within four hours of receipt.

Solid Know How™ Knowledge Base - Our online archive contains over 300 how-to articles covering all aspects of Solid Route Accounting™—it’s an immensely valuable educational resource that can be used any time of the day or night. Users can also subscribe to our Solid Know How™ Newsletter (form at bottom of the home page).

Solid Innovation is committed to helping our customers get the most out of their software investment.

Solid Route Accounting: The Best Mobile Accounting Software for QuickBooks

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Solid Route Accounting™ for QuickBooks is available in three membership tiers: Standard, Extended, and Enterprise. All options include technical support from the Solid Innovation team. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about this mobile accounting solution. Call our team today to learn how Solid Route Accounting™ can help you streamline operations and improve the customer experience and be sure to ask about our free 35-day trial.

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