Solid Order Entry is a Cost-Effective QuickBooks Mobile Point of Sales Technology

As we are already in 2023, business leaders are looking for ways to hit their growth goals in the new year, cut back on operational costs, improve the customer experience, and simplify internal processes from inventory management to field sales. Savvy businesses invest in Solid Order Entry™ by Solid Innovation®, QuickBooks mobile point of sale technology that can be customized to provide solutions to all your needs based on your own unique operational profile, teams, and existing technology you have in place. 

This article is intended to help executive and management teams learn why so many companies of mixed sizes are investing in the QuickBooks mobile point of sale technology known as Solid Order Entry™ and how you can use the technology to help your teams hit all of their quarterly goals.

1. QuickBooks Mobile Point of Sale Technology by Solid Innovation Saves You Time

We all know that expression, “time is money”, a sentiment that’s true with virtually any business. One main reason for partnering with Solid is to get the best QuickBooks mobile point-of-sale technology, and other supporting addons that are proven to button up all the loose ends with everything from your supply chain to inventory tracking. Other mobile point-of-sales platforms will allow field sales teams to show customers a variety of products and let them make a purchase on the spot, but in many cases, these POS options aren’t connected to live inventory updates, so when back-ordered items are purchased, more internal work is created, and the customer will have a greater reason to cancel. Just a single mishap such as the one illustrated in this example can waste eight hours of manpower. 

Solid Order Entry™ is the best QuickBooks mobile point of sales technology because it talks to all of these channels simultaneously, and it eliminates the need for people to be pulled from projects to work on data updates, make calls, and issue potential refunds. With Solid Order Entry™, customers can view real-time inventory availability, order in a manner that supports total accuracy, and the transaction and order details are instantly sent to all relevant internal departments, such as accounting, shipping, and data analysis. Not only is Solid Order Entry™ saving your company time, but it also provides an enjoyable purchasing experience for customers while giving them a reason to do repeat business. 

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2. Solid Order Entry is a Cost-Effective QuickBooks Mobile Point of Sales Technology Option

So many mobile point-of-sales platforms are complex, and even though we left the 90s in our dust, some systems used today still require field sales to learn types of coding, and some still run on DOS. Other mobile point-of-sales platforms for QuickBooks don’t have easy integrations and require customizations, and these customizations require a degree of training. All in all, the average business in the US and Canada spends three to five days training their teams on how to use QuickBooks mobile point of sales technology that communicates with other departments, in addition to follow-up training sessions. This alone causes businesses to hemorrhage thousands of dollars each month.

Solid Order Entry™ eliminates excessive training costs because it is direct, simple, and very easy to use. So not only will this option for QuickBooks mobile point of sales technology reduce staff overhead, thus saving you large sums of money, it will also eliminate expensive training costs and get people up to speed and actively working at a fast pace. 

Solid Order Entry™ was also intended to use an affordable price point with incentives that truly matter. When your company invests in Solid Order Entry™ as their QuickBooks mobile point of sales software, the following benefits are granted:

  • Zero setup fee
  • Your monthly investment is only $250; this includes your first 250 transactions 
  • After that, additional transaction fees are only $0.95 for each transaction
  • Access to live support
  • No limit to client numbers

Many organizations tell us that Solid Order Entry™ is the most cost-effective, robust mobile POS they have ever used with QuickBooks, and from every design aspect to the perks, we designed this solution to be highly affordable and extremely easy to use. 

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After carefully considering the benefits expressed in this article, it is clear that Solid Order Entry™ can simplify operations, eliminate expenses, attract more customers, and streamline the order process–all things that can play a dramatic role in ensuring you hit your revenue goals. Our experts are standing by to learn more about your business needs so we can show you how Solid Order Entry™ can be that powerful and affordable game-changer you have been searching for.