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Article #301 How to Email Transactions from Solid Business Central

Solid Business Central™ now has the ability to email transactions to customers and suppliers. In order to be able to email transactions from Solid Business Central™ to customer and/or suppliers you will first need to make a few configuration changes.

Email Server Settings:

The first step is to configure your email server settings. This is done by navigating to [System / Configure / Company / Email Srv].

Email Server Settings

These setting can be obtained from you email service provider or you IT system administrator. Here is what the various fields mean:

  1. From email: this is the email account from which the email will be sent. This will typically be your business email address.
  2. SMTP server: this is the email server’s URL.
  3. SMTP port: this is the SMTP port number, typically 25, 465 or 587. Please check with you IT system administrator.
  4. Requires SSL: if your email server requires the data to be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) then set this option to "Yes".
  5. Requires login: if your email server requires login credentials then set this option to "Yes". This will display 2 additional fields that will need to be completed.
  6. Login: this is the login to the email server.
  7. Password: This is the password for the login user. Note passwords are generally case sensitive.

Workstation Settings:

Next, you will need to enable the email settings on a per workstation level. To do this, navigate to [System / Configure / Workstation]:

Workstation Config

  1. Select the corresponding workstation number, and press "Ctrl-End".
  2. Navigate to the "Can Email" field and if this workstation is allowed to email transaction, change it to "Yes".
  3. Press "Ctrl-End" to save the changes.

Customer and Supplier Email Addresses:

Now you will need to enter and store customer and/or supplier email addresses into Solid Business Central™. This can be done in two ways:

  1. By editing the customer/supplier record and entering up to two email addresses, a "To Email" and a "CC Email" address. To add email address from the Customer screen press "F3" for E/Mail options.
  2. By mailing a transaction, and entering a "To Email" and/or "CC Email" address(s) and then saving them to the customer/supplier record.

Emailing Transactions:

After creating a transaction and the workstation is allowed to email transaction you will be presented with the Choose Printer screen. To email the transaction select the [Email] option.

Choose Printer Screen

You will then be presented with the Please Add or Confirm Email Address screen, if email addresses are available for the customer/supplier they will be pre-populated on this screen. If this screen does not display any email address you can enter them. When pressing "Ctrl-End" the system will prompt you whether or not to save the changes to the customer/supplier record.

Confirm Email Screen

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