Available Payment Methods

Solid Sales Pro™ has several different payment methods that can be used when creating a transaction.

For QuickBooks® users, the list of available payment methods is obtained directly from QuickBooks®. For all other ERP systems, the following list of payment methods is available:

  1. Cash
  2. Charge
  3. Check
  4. MasterCard
  5. Other
  6. Visa

All payment methods, other than Charge, will mark transactions as paid, i.e. money has been received from the customer. In the case of QuickBooks®, this means that an Invoice and a Payment transaction will be exported.

Configuring Payment Methods?

In QuickBooks®, you can define a Preferred Payment Method on each customer record.

QuickBooks Preferred Payment Method

In addition, on the Settings page on SolidRouteAccounting.com, you can define which payment methods will be available on the handhelds, as well as a Default Payment Method.

Available Payment Methods

How does Solid Sales Pro™ select the Customer Payment Method?

Solid Sales Pro™ will select the payment method for customer Invoices and Payments as follows:

  1. If the customer record in QuickBooks® has a Preferred Payment Method, this payment method will be used.
  2. If no Preferred Payment Method is specified, Solid Sales Pro™ will use the Default Payment Method defined on the Settings page.
  3. The payment method can be changed when creating the transaction in Solid Sales Pro™ on the 1120 Bill Options screen.

Customer Order and Credit transactions will always use a Payment Method of Charge.

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