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Article #191 How to Print an Accounts Payable or Paid On Account (POA) Report in Solid Business Central?

Answer: For companies who practice Buying within their Solid Route Accounting business system, knowing how much they owe their suppliers is just as important as how much their customers owe them. For that reason, the Paid On Accounts (POA) reports are available to show exactly how much is owed to which supplier, and can be printed out at any time to give the needed information. Both versions of this report can be found in Solid Business Central at [Datafile / Supplier / Report].

  • The ‘Age Summary’ report will print out a simple one line summary for any supplier payment is owed to, indicating how much is owed, and for what time period.

Paid On Accounts Summary

  • The ‘Age Detail’ report will give the same information as the ‘Age Summary’ report, however will also include which Buying transactions make up that outstanding balance, and once again the time period in which each transaction was created.

Paid On Accounts Detail

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  • Software Components: Solid Business Central
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