Answer: Although there are many different places in Solid Route Accounting™ where inventory is displayed on screen and printed in reports, two of the most valuable reports for understanding what inventory is in which cost center / warehouse are the Inventory Check List and Inventory Valuation Report.

Inventory Check ReportThe Inventory Check List Report is intended to be used as a method of doing a manual inventory count. This report lists the Item ID, Description, Department, Shelf, Supplier, On Hand Quantity, as well as a column where the Actual Count and Difference can be manually written. This report can be printed from [Datafile / Inventory / Report / Check], and start by entering in the cost center number to report on, followed by [CTRL+END] to accept that.

In the 'Inventory Check List Setup' screen, select by what field this report should be alphanumerically organized, the range of items to be reported on, which is most often left as 'All', decide if there should be pagination, and choose if zero quantity items should be included as well. When all is set, use [CTRL+END] to print this report. Click on the image to the right to view a sample of this report.

The Inventory Valuation Report, along with quantities and all other information that the Inventory Check List provides, also provides SRP, Wholesale, and Total Wholesale prices. To print this report, at [Datafile / Inventory / Report / Valuation], specify the desired cost center to report on, or leave the field as '000' to report on all cost centers, and then select by what field this report is to be ordered by. If this report is printing for all cost centers, an option to 'Print Detail' when set to Yes will break each item down by what quantities in which cost centers make up the totals for this item.

Inventory Valuation ReportA start and end range can then be entered for items to be reported on, or simply leave this field as 'All' to report on all items, and choose if items should only print if they have X quantity on hand, which is typically left as 'All' as well. Once everything's set, print this report using [CTRL+END]. To view a sample of this report, click to enlarge the image to the left.

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