Answer: A Solid Route Accounting™ business systems contain all of our client's records that they rely on to make their company run. Being able to organize that information by key fields is critical to finding the information needed quickly and efficiently. Thankfully, wherever records are present, familiar organization methods are also there in each Solid Route Accounting™ business system.

Enterprise Edition Users:

In Solid Business Central™, most record view screens, such as [Datafile / Customer / View], can be organized by using the [F9 - Order] key. A list of key fields will then display, allowing the user to select by what field type they'd like their list of records to be alphanumerically sorted by. Highlight the desired type and use the [Enter] key to select it. The records are now ordered by that field type, as can be verified by using [PageUp] and [PageDown] to browse the records individually or by using [F10 - Browse] to view the entire list of records.

Solid business central

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