Answer: Inventory Management is one of the strongest features of Solid Route Accounting™. It gives a company complete flexibility in how their inventory is managed throughout their business system, and the ability to receive inventory into any cost center is no exception. How to set which cost center will be receiving the inventory depends on if the Purchase Order (P/O) is being received from inside the Buying screen of Solid Business Central™.

For Buying within Solid Business Central™:

  1. Navigate to [Buying] and select [Buying] once again if a second menu appears to be taken to the Buying screen.
  2. When creating or receiving an order, set the 'CC' field to whichever cost center / warehouse the inventory is being received to. When the order is saved as a Quantity Receipt (Type Q) or a Received Receipt (Type R), the inventory quantities will be applied to that designated cost center.
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