Solid Route Accounting™ now offers the option to use linked parts to assist with applying Ecology Charges to existing inventory items. A default Ecology Charge Administrative Department (~ECO) has been added to facilitate Ecology Charges on items being sold. This being an Administrative Department means that this record may not be deleted as it is reserved for the Solid Route Accounting™ system. Inventory items assigned to this department will be considered to be Ecology Charge items for transaction creation, reporting and EDI submissions. Coupled with Linked Parts, you may now add Ecology Charge Inventory records and "Link" them to your regular inventory items that require the environmental charges to be applied. Taxes, if applicable, may be applied to Ecology Charges in the exact same way they are applied to your current inventory items.

By default, the Ecology Charge department (~ECO) is set to track quantities. If you do not want to track Ecology Charge quantities:

  1. Start Solid Business Central™ and select menu path [Datafile / Department / View]
  2. Browse and locate the ~ECO department record.
  3. Press [F2-Edit] to edit this record, enter 'L' in the 'Type:' field then press [CTRL+END] to save your changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When setting up Ecology charges that are going to apply to transactions created for a MultiVendor customer account, it is imperative that the ecology charge inventory SKUs are assigned to the specific Supplier (Vendor) account that has been assigned to the MultiVendor (Super Customer) record. This is important to ensure that when the Solid Sales Pro™ handheld program splits out the MultiVendor invoice transaction from the standard invoice transaction, that it also splits out the respective ecology charges as well.

Although you may choose any method of identifying and describing your ecology charge inventory SKUs, the following is an example of what an Ecology Charge inventory SKU may look like. NOTE: In this example, the Supplier value MVENDR represents the supplier record associated with a MultiVendor (Super Customer) supplier record:


Once created, you may now use the Linked Part section to assign the ecology charge to any other inventory SKU that requires the Ecology Charge be applied. Here is an example of a beverage SKU that has the ecology charge linked to it:

Linked SKU

Solid business central

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