Description: When entering an area of Solid Business Central™ that uses records, or when trying to print a report, a purple warning box appears with the message, "Indexes damaged… have other users shut down, then reindex!" The message quickly disappears, but shows again every time the same area is accessed.

Resolution: Indexes are temporary record files, created from the actual record databases, which Solid Business Central™ uses when running in order to preserve the integrity of the actual databases they represent. If there's a system interruption when using Solid Business Central™, such as a program freeze up or power failure, there's a chance that these indexes can become damaged, and will need to be recreated from the actual databases they represent. To perform this repair, in Solid Business Central™, navigate to [System / Reindex / All], and answer 'Yes' to the question, 'Proceed with Reindex', to run the procedure. When returned to Solid Business Central™, try accessing that area of the program again to confirm that the repair worked. If the message continues to display, please contact a Solid Innovation Customer Service Representative who will be able to further assist you.

Prevention: The Reindex procedure listed above is designed to ensure the business data's integrity. If any workstation has a power failure, program freeze up, or anything that causes Solid Business Central™ to be closed by not escaping out of the program, the first thing that should be done before resuming operations is to run a [System / Reindex / All] to rebuild the indexes.

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