Approved Products List (APL) functionality has been added to Special Price Lists to allow only authorized product to be sold to assigned customers, as well as keeping special pricing. APL will allow you to specify and "Limit" the products being sold to a customer or group of customers. In addition to restricting the list of products sold, you may also allow or disallow a Mobile Unit Record to override an APL's item list. For more information and pricing on this optionally licensed feature, please do not hesitate to contact a Solid Innovation Product Specialist.

The first step is to have a Special Price List already created, which can then be designated as an APL. For information on creating and modifying Special Price Lists, please read Solid Know How Article #146 How to Create a Special Price List (SPL) in Solid Business Central.

Changing a Special Price List into an Approved Product Lists (APL):

  1. Navigate in Solid Business Central™ to [Datafile / Inventory / Special Lists] and display the desired Special Price List to change to an Approved Product List.
  2. Use the [F2 - Edit] key, and change the 'Approved Product List' field to 'Y-Yes' to make it into an Approved Product List.
    1. The 'Allow Override' option next to this will prevent any non-APL inventory item from being added to transactions created within Solid Business Central™. Setting this to 'Y-Yes' will warn the user that the item being added is a non-APL item and give them the option to add it anyways if they so need to.
  3. When ready, save and apply this change with [CTRL+END].
Approved Products List

Solid Route Accounting™ will now only allow products belonging to this APL to be sold to the Customer Records also belonging to this APL. Customer Records and Inventory Items can belong to multiple APLs so long as they don't conflict with each other.

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