Answer: Special Price Lists (SPL) are the most flexible method of special pricing available in Solid Route Accounting™ - Enterprise Edition. SPLs allow starting and ending date ranges to be specified and which items should be sold at what prices for selected customers.

  1. In Solid Business Central™, navigate to [Datafile / Inventory / Special Lists].
  2. Use the [Insert] key to add a new list, and enter in a 'Desc' (description), as well as a 'Start' and 'End' date range for the duration that this special pricing will be in effect. Note that these date ranges can be used to create special deals well in advance of them actually starting, such as preparing a holiday sale in July. Use [CTRL+END] when ready to save this new Special Price List, and the fields will be blanked so the next SPL can be created right away. When finished adding new SPLs, use the [Escape] key and answer 'Y' to the question, "Do you really want to exit", to display the last SPL saved.
  3. Every SPL is automatically given a unique number, as indicated in the 'Special List' field. NOTE: Although this number is also six digits long, it in no way relates to 'Customer Numbers', which are also six digits long.

Adding Items to an SPL

  1. Once the SPL has been created, items can be added to an SPL while viewing it using [F3 - Parts]. This will bring up the 'View Parts in Price List' screen. Use [Insert] to add new items to this SPL and set up their special pricing.
  2. In the 'Part' field, enter the item's Part Number, or enter part of the Part Number to select that item from a list. Once the item has been selected, its usual wholesale/dealer price will be displayed in the 'Whsale' (or 'Dealer') field.
  3. In the 'Special Price' field, enter in the special price that this item will be sold for.
  4. If in the Company Settings the 'Spec. Suggested Retail' field is set to 'Y'; then, an additional 'Retail' field will also be available when adding items that can be used to specify a special suggested retail price (SRP) for this item. This 'Spec. Suggested Retail' setting can be found in Solid Business Central at [System / Configure / Company / Settings].
  5. If this special price is based on the quantity purchased, then in the 'Volume Discount' field, enter the start and end quantity values for this special pricing to be applied to. If special pricing is not based on quantity, then leave the default values of -9,999 and 99,999 in these fields.
  6. When all the item's details have been entered, use [CTRL+END] to save this item to the SPL and the fields will be blanked so the next item can be entered right away.

Adding Customers to an SPL

  1. While viewing an SPL in [Datafile / Inventory / Special List], customers can be added to it in three ways.
  2. To add customers individually or entire store chains by adding their Head Office, use [F4 - Customer] to be taken to the 'View Customers in Price List' screen. The [Insert] key can be used to add an existing customer record to this SPL. In the 'Cust No' field, either enter the customer's number or enter part of their name and use the [Enter] key to select them from the customer list. If the customer being added is a Head Office, then the additional field of 'Include Branch Offices', when set to 'Y', can be used to automatically include all the Branch Office customer records assigned to that Head Office to this SPL as well.
  3. To add customers to this SPL based on what Customer Route Group they belong to, use [F5 - Route] to be taken to the 'View Route Groups in Price List' screen. Use the [Insert] key to add a Customer Route Group number, and use [CTRL+END] to save that to the list. Now all customers belonging to that Customer Route Group will be included on this SPL.
  4. To add customers belonging to Customer Price Groups to this list, use [F6 - Price] to be taken to the 'View Price Groups in Price Lists' screen. Use the [Insert] key to enter a Customer Price Group ID in the 'Price Group' field, and then save it to this SPL with [CTRL+END]. Now all customers belonging to that Customer Price Group will also be added to this SPL.
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